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Nebraska Defensive Tackle Baker Steinkuhler Suspended for DUI

They'll have to wait until next season to meet again.
They'll have to wait until next season to meet again.

I must not have been the only guy who hasn't been able to get over Nebraska's loss to Oklahoma last weekend. 

Starting defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler has been suspended for a DUI after being picked up while poorly driving a 1993 Ford Explorer at 1:45 am Tuesday morning. He blew a .115 on the alcohol scale and that's illegal.

He won't be playing in the Holiday Bowl against Washington. Jake Locker and Chris Polk will get to make some new acquaintances as Terrence Moore or Thaddeus Randle will get the start in Steinkuhler's place. 

According to the Husker Extra report, Steinkuhler's lights weren't on and he failed to signal a turn, both clear signs that they probably weren't working anyway. A 1993 Ford Explorer? Holy cow, dude, next time hold out for a better payout (since we all know big-time college football requires big-time payments, right?).