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Husker CornCast: Post-Big 12 Championship

Hosts Jake Sorensen and Will Grubb take a question from the fan line, and also from the email account, regarding Nebraska's performance in the Big 12 Championship game.  They discuss the outcome of the game and what it means to Nebraska, and if it effects the program's future at all.  They argue about Taylor Martinez and his potential future here (if, in fact, there is one). They also discuss some of the curious decisions made in the championship game, and how to fix some of the blunders.  As always, Jake informs us of the upcoming events in this week of Nebraska athletics.

Don't forget to call our fan line at 571-306-CORN, or email our fan line at, regarding questions you have about the Huskers, or if you just want to talk football, or rant about college football in general.  We're glad to here from you any time, and we'll play the questions over the air next week.

Next week: Bowl Preview (preview of ALL bowl games, with extra attention to Nebraska-Washington in the Holiday Bowl, of course)


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