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Was Nebraska's 2010 Football Season Successful?

The Huskers got there. Is that good enough?
The Huskers got there. Is that good enough?

It's a simple question - would you consider Nebraska's final Big 12 campaign a success?

JLew makes the point that Nebraska swept the Big 12 North teams - Is it enough that the team made the Big 12 title game? 

I say no, not unless you're one of those "feel good" people who thinks that winning the Big 12 North means much more than.... well, participating. In this day and age of participation medals, is that enough for you to consider it a successful season?

I like Bo Pelini. I like what he's doing, but after trying to sit on the Oklahoma loss for a day - I'm still extremely irritated with Shawn Watson. Nebraska can do better - we've made two trips to the Big 12 title game in the last two seasons and we were missing an offense both times. It wouldn't have taken a great offense, mind you, but just one that could put four more points on the board this year, two more points last season.