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Waiting for Nebraska - Oklahoma Makes This The Longest Day

Having been born on June 6th, I've seen The Longest Day about 345 times. It's still the greatest war movie ever made regardless of what Steven Spielberg has done.

We're certainly not invading the beaches at Normandy, but this day is going to take forever just the same. I've had to go out and dig out from about seven inches of snow (which much much help from good neighbors, thank you), but I plan on keeping myself watching football (big shock there, not to mention such a huge sacrifice).

If you're wondering what to watch today, you've got some help. Otherwise - check in from time to time - let us know what's happening with you, what games you're watching and what you're doing to make it through the day.

Oohhhh - one thing while you're waiting - did you know that Memorial Stadium is one of the College Football Stadiums Ever Fan Should Visit?