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College Football Week 15 Championship Predictions

Well, championship week predictions anyway. We haven't been keeping score, but I suspect that you'd lose your shirt if you bet some of our picks this season. Nevertheless, we press on for the final week of the college football regular season!

As always, join the fun below the fold and make your picks below as well.

Oregon (-16) at Oregon State

Matt:  Of the two games that will directly impact the national championship picture this is the one that will not even be close.  Oregon knows what’s at stake and this is already a heated rivalry.  The Civil War will be over by halftime, which is bad news considering how good the Ducks are after the half.  Oregon  60     Beavers  20

Mike: Oregon bumped Oregon State out of a Rose Bowl berth the last two years. The Beavers need this one to become bowl eligible, which is a huge disappointment considering the preseason expectations in Corvallis. I get this weird feeling on this that it’ll be much closer than some think.  Take the points, at a minimum.  Ducks 38, Beavers 35

Jon: Not enough beer for me to pick this one!

JLew: I don’t see this one being close. Maybe the Beavers sellout to win this one, and it is a rivalry game, but thye Ducks are just so explosive. I agree with Matt. Oregon scores early and often. Punch that ticket to the National title game. Quacks 49 Beavs 27

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State (at Charlotte, NC)

Matt:  FSU has been extremely hot as of late, but let’s not forget the Hokies have not had a hiccup since James Madison.  Va Tech will win this one....but very close. Hokies   21  FSU  20

Mike: Really, their only failing was that James Madison game, five days after the Boise game. The Hokies are the best coached team in the ACC, and they’ll show it.  Hokies 27, Noles 17

Jon:  See above for quality of game/beer ratio.

Auburn (-4.5) vs. South Carolina (at Atlanta)

Matt:  TCU fans will be glued to the television on Saturday.  Cam Newton has been the best player in the country without question for the entirety of the season.  He will play well but as the saying goes "It’s tough to beat an opponent twice in the same season." Gamecocks 28   Tigers  24

Mike:  I believe in BCS Chaos... but not here.  Auburn 42, South Carolina 31

Jon: I’d love to see Sakerlina knock off Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers, but it isn’t going to happen. This will be a good game for three and a half quarters, then Auburn wins it by 12. Auburn 34 Sakerlina 22

JLew: UPSET! The old ball coach gets it done. Auburn has a letdown after an emotional comeback last week. Cocks 28 Tiggers 27  What, no Big East prediction?

Mike:  It’s not basketball season.  Do they even play football in the Big East anymore?  I know TCU is going to try to revive it in a couple of years...

Oklahoma (-3.5) vs. Nebraska (at Dallas)

Matt:  What a way to end things.  Taylor Martinez at 80% is not as good as Cody Green.  I know I’m in the minority there but I honestly believe the Huskers are better served to pay Green if Taylor is not at least 90%.  I expect to see a mix of both with the sprinkle of the Burkhead wildcat.  It’s going to be a defensive struggle much like last years championship, but Watson and Co. will muster enough yards on he final drive to set up Alex Henery.  How money is he? 46-yard field goal.  How about that for an ending? Huskers 13  Sooners 12

Mike: I thought a one-legged Taylor Martinez was ok managing the game against Kansas and in the second half against A&M, but Cody Green showed a lot of maturity last week. But this one comes down to the Blackshirts, clamping down on the Sooners offense...and frankly, other than the first half against Oklahoma State, that’s something they’ve done all season.  More points than last year, though.  And in honor of some of those classic matchups in the late 70’s and early 80’s....  Huskers 17, Sooners 14

Jon: Hmmmmmm.... I already did a prediction earlier in the week, but I always have the right to revise it. I know what I want to see - I want to see a game for the ages, a game that generates highlights that we’re going to watch in 2021 when these two teams meet again.
And of course, a Husker victory.
I feel good about Nebraska’s offense against the Oklahoma defense. It’ll require a clean game, minimizing turnovers and penalties. Can the Huskers do that? Sure!  Nebraska 24 Oklahoma 20

JLew: Can NU play as the bad guy? A lot of hate out there, from opposing fans (I’ll get to you in a sec), and NU fans at the Big 12 conference, the refs, your Mom, ect, and now nasty rumors swirling about Taylor leaving, I’m not sure how the team responds. I’m also worried that we want this win too much, ala the Texas game. NU played tight and let a vastly inferior opponent beat them. Now with Martinez unhealthy, unless he’s sleeping in a hyperbolic chamber, NU lacks the spark on offense. Oh and you Texas fans that are all pulling for OU to win, you are a disgrace to your rivalry. You think Ohio State EVER cheers for Michigan? Do the Red Socks root for the New York Yankees? You deserve to be home for the holidays. So can NU play as the bad guy? I’m not convinced. NU 16 OU 20