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Nebraska's Holiday Bowl Loss - Helping You With Excuses

It's the morning after. You've woken up after staying up until four in the morning in stunned silence, and you've realized that, yes, Nebraska really did lose to a 6-6 Washington team in the 2010 Holiday Bowl.

You realize the loss occurred because the once heralded Husker offense scored only seven points while pounding out 91 yards on the ground and 98 yards through the air against a defense that was missing three defensive line starters and came into the game ranked 102nd against the run. 

You realize that you're going to have to explain this to your friends and co-workers. 

You know what you need? Good excuses.

Everyone has them and everyone uses them as if they're valid. 

Bo Pelini, for example, about this year's offense

people forget that life changes a little bit when your signal caller gets hurt and all of a sudden all of your continuity goes out the window a little bit.    

Jim Tressel, regarding tatttoo-gate, has stated that his suspended players can play in the big bowl game because his players have promised to return to Ohio State next season and face their punishment much like my 11-year old son got to play video games yesterday because he promised to always pick up his candy wrappers from now on. 

So - Husker fans - if you have good excuses as to why this debacle has occurred (and keep in mind they don't have to make any more sense than Tressel logic), then please share them. Help each other through this crisis. It's what we're here for.