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Waiting For the Holiday Bowl Game Thread

It is Gameday - 2010 Holiday Bow Gameday to be exact. You need something to keep yourself busy (unless you're like me, and you're still working) today, so you KNOW you're going to be watching the early bowl games. 

So why not join other Husker fans here at CN, share some Husker stories, comment on how bad the weather is in the Bronx, and tell us what you're planning for New Years. Oh, yeah, and then there's football. 

Pinstripe Bowl

Kansas State vs Syracuse

Kansas State Preview - Kind of a Syracuse Preview

Who to root for? I'm not so angry with the Big 12 that I won't be rooting for Kansas State. Again, they're kind of stuck in that conference with Texas, so try not to hate them too much. 

Music City Bowl  

North Carolina vs Tennessee

Kind of a North Carolina Preview because football is just some annoying sport that goes too long and cuts into basketball season. - Tennessee Preview

Who to root for? Well, screw North Carolina. They have basketball. Tennessee - they're mostly harmless, aren't they?