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Texas Bowl: Illinois vs Baylor & Alamo Bowl:Oklahoma State vs Arizona Open Game Thread

Two more pretty decent match ups in store for tonight, both of which feature Big 12 teams so i'd expect there to be a lot of interest.


Texas Bowl: Illinois vs Baylor

Old conference foe meets new conference foe in a game that should be fairly close. You can read a nice preview at the SB Nation Illinois site Hail to the Orange and if you know of one from the Baylor point of view you can paste a link in the comments section. 

Who to root for? I'll be rooting for Baylor and I suggest you do too. I realize we're leaving the Big 12 behind, but when you look out the back window one last time as your dad is driving away, what you should notice is your littlest cousin, left standing next to your biggest cousin, and then you should pray that there is a God and he lets good things happen to the littlest cousin at least sometimes. 


Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State vs Arizona

At least it's earlier than last night's Insight Bowl, and you just might see the same type of fantastic finish. Yeah, Justin Blackmon Kendall Hunter whiz bang score, but let's remember that Oklahoma State is a lot like Missouri - always almost there, but never quite. At least the coverage is more fair and balanced, given your Okie State perspective and your Arizona Wildcat perspective

Who to root for? This ain't Baylor. This is T Boone Pickens' team, so screw the Cowboys, they don't need your support. Besides, Mike Stoops and Bo Pelini are friends, dammit, and you don't want to see Mike do that meltdown thing again because it'll only bring up more questions about their upbringing.  

Join in, CNers, for another night, one more night before Nebraska's last game of the 2010 season!!!!