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This Space Intentionally Left Blank

I don't have anything today, nor am I sure about Mike or anyone else. I probably won't on Christmas Eve, either, so consider this a chance to talk amongst yourselves. 

Possible topics of discussion

- What Christmas gifts would you give members of this year's Husker team? Coaching Staff? 

- What about our former Big 12 opponents (Remember, Peace on Earth Starts With You!) 

- Who makes your naught or nice list? 

- You're at a neighbor's Christmas party, and you notice he has an Iowa Hawkeyes Snowman Christmas ornament

Do you: 

- Break it to smithereens when he isn't looking? 
- Congratulate him on his good taste, but mix his egg nog extra strong? 
- Smash it in front of his kids, then take the Christmas tree and proceed to show him where the angel goes? 
- Forget all about it - it's the Holiday Season!!!! 

Be merry!