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Are Washington Fans Excited About the Holiday Bowl?

It's not secret that Nebraska fans aren't all that excited about playing the Washington Huskies in a bowl game. The University of Nebraska still has a few thousand tickets to sell from their allotment - clearly not normal for Husker fans, who are known for traveling so well. 

I wondered if things were going on the other side - how are Washington Husky fans reacting to the news that they'll be playing Nebraska again - so I asked John from the Husky site UW Dawg Pound a simple question: 

Are Husky fans excited about the Holiday Bowl? 

John: I would definitely say yes because we haven't been to a bowl since 2002. I think the biggest gauge of excitement has been ticket sales. Washington has sold its allotment of 11,000 tickets even though the price to fly betweenSeattle and Southern California is a very expensive this year. The announcement that Washington was playing Nebraska again took a little bit of the initial excitement out of the contest, but I think we are pretty much over that even though both schools would have been better off playing a different opponent.