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MNF At Minnesota's Stadium: Vikings vs Bears Open Thread

If you're looking for Nebraska football content.... it's not here. Not tonight.

No, tonight we're watching the Minnesota Vikings vs the Chicago Bears. Why? Because it's being played at the University of Minnesota's Goldy Gopher stadium. You know the Metrodome roof caved in, right? You know that Minnesota's stadium wasn't designed for football this time of year, even though it's an outdoor stadium in MINNESOTA, right? 

Did you know that it's been snowing all day here in the Twin Cities, that the roads are a mess, that they're offering free tickets to Minnesota students who show an ID, and that the radio all week has been taking suggestions from people on how to best sneak booze into a game? 

If that ain't enough, Brett Attention Whore Favre has decided that he needs to start the game - after all, it is Monday Night Football, and gawd knows that Brett can't pass up the announcers fawning over him just one more time! 

This one has all the happenings of a trainwreck, made even better by the fact that it's the NFC Norris division.