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Corn Nation Needs A New Tagline - The "Big 12 North" Is Dead!

Someone emailed me this past week about the fact that Corn Nation's tagline is out of date and . I knew this already, but like too many things in my life, it's on the list of "yet to be completed". 

What's a tagline, you ask? It's that phrase that runs across the top of the site which currently says: 

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football - First the Big 12 North, Next Up - Big 12 Champs!

which is clearly outdated because the Big 12 North is dead, deceased, gone to meet it's maker, an ex-conference division. 

Rather than me coming up with something, I'm leaving it up to you, community. The only thing I ask is that it has the possibility of being a meme, a brand. For example, 

Corn Nation - Keeping A Live Lizard In Our Pants! 

would be kind of a fun, especially if we asked for pictures, but unfortunately has nothing to do with Nebraska, Corn, or the Cornhuskers (or cats, which seems to matter for some weird reason). 

So create away, hopefully coming up with something that can become a tagline, a t-shirt, and sooner or later designate CN'ers as members of some weird gang, complete with signs and tattoos, until it's replaced next year if for no other reason than to sell a whole new set of t-shirts, this being America where the economy is at least partially propelled by consumer whoredom and the need to say to one another "I don't care if there's a recession, I still have more toys than you!" 

Oh, and don't forget to like our Facebook page at the upper right. We're nearing 2,000, and if we get to 2,000 before the end of the year, I won't have to die of a heart attack while having a brain aneurysm.... because that's what the prophecy has told me.