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Bo Pelini "Snaps", "Fuming" on His Birthday?

Those are the headlines you're seeing about Bo Pelini this morning. He's "fuming". He "snaps" at a reporter. Writers typically don't make up their own headlines, but when you're reading the piece from AP Sports Writer Eric Olson, it's easy to see where they came from. 

Here's what Olson had to say about Pelini's interview:

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was in no mood to be cheerful on his 43rd birthday.

Pelini met with reporters Monday for the first time since the Cornhuskers' loss in the Big 12 championship game Dec. 5.

He snapped at the suggestion that his team might be less than excited about the Holiday Bowl matchup with Washington, a team the Huskers beat handily in September.

And he cut off questions about the extent of any discussions he might have had with Miami about its head coaching job last week.

Here's the audio from the interview, taken from 


Does this sound like Bo Pelini "snapping" or "fuming", or does it sound like Olson really wants people reading his piece on Pelini?