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Will Muschamp to Coach Florida Gators

I didn't see that coming. I don't know if anyone did. 

Texas defensive coordinator and "Coach In Waiting" (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahaha) will be named the new head coach of the Florida Gators, replacing Urban Meyer. Texas fans aren't happy - this makes 2010 officially the worst season ever in the history of mankind, something that ought to have you laughing this morning. 

For some icing on your morning doughnut, it appears that Major Applewhite may be going with Muschamp to be the new offensive coordinator.

Florida fans are a little apprehensive that Muschamp has no head coaching experience, but sure that he'll be an excellent coach. Spencer Hall is wondering whether Florida has just hired the 1999 version of Bob Stoops or whether everyone is going to die because of the decision.

Wow. Just when Texas gets a shiny new conference they can dominate the wheels fall off the wagon. I'm weeping for the Longhorns inside, I really am.

Hmmmmmmm, Bailey's in my coffee this morning? Yes, doubly so.