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Join Corn Nation's 2010 College Bowl Pick 'Em And Win!

Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: The 2010 Corn Nation College Football Pick 'Em Pool is sponsored by Gameday Depot. Corn Nation is an affiliate

Apparently the last time I did this, the link to the Pool didn't work correctly. Plus consider this a reminder, since we don't have that many people signed up so far.

Join the 2010 Corn Nation College Football Bowl Pick 'Em contest aind win! Join at Fun Office Pools by clicking this linky.

The contest will feature all of the 2010 bowls in a weighted selection process.

We will not be picking against the spread.

At the end, the winner will get a prize! The prize for is a Huskers Element Zippered Jacket (shown at the left) or a $65 gift certificate.