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BCS vs Playoff Obligatory Post And More Nebraska Rumors

Oh, you were expecting a post about the BCS vs a playoff system because that's what the headline says? I'm sorry - Mike and I already covered that just a few weeks ago.

Okay, fine. Get used to reading Brian Cook's stuff at mgoblog, because your future involves Michigan football. If there's a playoff system I could be here (emphasis on could), it's Cook's proposal. Otherwise, consider me still a BCS guy if for no other that it may irritate you. Besides, Auburn vs Oregon stands to be one helluva national title game, doesn't it?

Are there more Nebraska rumors this morning? Of course there are. They're like that damned oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico - once it started spewing it was hellaciously hard to stop, and when they finally got it stopped all the crap that had come out had magically disappeared.


We'll see new things about Pelini if for no other reason than some media people are just plain slow and/or lazy. Some will be ridiculous like this bit of logic:

Pelini told the Omaha World-Herald that he refused to, "respond to rumors and innuendoes" when asked about receiving permission to talk to Miami. That's the classic end-around, the non-denial denial.

Translation: He's talking with Miami. He also has the most to lose of any candidate by this news coming public and so must be considered the front-runner.

Which makes as much sense as this:

Translation: All other coach searches have be so open, so transparent, that Pelini must be hiding something and so must be considered as someone who's leaked important federal documents to Wikileaks.

BTW, if you're wondering why Pelini doesn't just come right out and say he's not interested in the Miami job, re-read that crap above. There's no logic to this. Don't you really think that stating he wasn't interested would just result in more media people taking it as an indication that he is interested, pooping out Shakespeare lines "doth protest too much" and invoking Nick Saban. 

Nebraska's volleyball team will be playing against Washington tonight in the NCAA Regional to see who gets to the Final Four. To get there, Nebraska will have to beat Washington, then beat the winner of Cal/Minnesota. The game will be televised on NETV and streamed online.

If you happen to wonder what volleyball will be like next season, there are five Big Ten teams still alive in the NCAA tourney. Compare that to four Big 12 teams and four Pac-10 teams. I enjoy watching volleyball when I get the chance, and I'm looking forward to seeing Nebraska play at Minnesota every season from now on. Last time the Huskers were in town, I had a guy about four rows in front of me turn around and scream SHUTUP!!!!!! at me every time I yelled for the Huskers. I don't know what he was thinking - I was enjoying irritating him as much as I was watching the game.

The Huskers big chance at a major award fizzled last night as the Jim Thorpe Award went to some guy from LSU instead of Prince Amukamara. I wouldn't read too much into that other than Patrick Peterson is really good too. Amukamara will get his millions in only a few months, provided something goofy doesn't come up during the NFL combine, always a distinct possibility. I can't wait to see what kind of rumors spew out of the leadup to the NFL draft.

It's Christmas season, which means people send weird things to you. When you get them, be sure to share them with others. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm thinking this is insinuating that I'm a butthead.
Who will be the head coach of the Florida Gators for the 2011 season?    

*Odds courtesy of

Dan Mullen        EVEN (1/1)
Bob Stoops        3/1
Charlie Strong        4/1
Kyle Whittingham    9/2
Chris Petersen        5/1
Gus Malzahn        7/1
Gary Paterson        15/1
Steve Spurrier        15/1
Dave Wannstedt    20/1
Jim Harbaugh        20/1
Jon Johnston        200/1


Bob Stoops is second at three to one? And note that the odds of me becoming the Gators' next head coach are better than Jon Gruden.

There's a reason for that. I like visiting Florida, but I don't think I'd live there, although I always loved the food and you don't hear much Jimmy Buffet up here in Minnesota. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll give them a call.