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Husker CornCast: Big 12 Championship Debate With Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman

"I just think a once-solid fan base has lost its collective mind"

"We blame you (Nebraska) for loosing your class"

"Now Nebraska seems inhabited by a bunch of kooks who frighten off Beebe, an ex-NCAA investigator, and fire off uncouth e-mails like they're from Louisiana or somewhere"

Quotes taken from Berry Tramel's article

Controversial writer Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman joins hosts Will Grubb and Jake Sorensen to talk about the Big 12's fractured relationship with the Huskers.  The hosts debate with Tramel about if the Huskers have been treated fairly or not in the past year, and what this game means to both sides, as well as the conference's future.  After a long disagreement, they finally shift their focus to the actual championship game on Saturday, and predict who will win the game and go to a BCS bowl.

As always, you can reach the CornCast's 24/7 phone line at 571-306-CORN, or email the guys at, to rant, ask a question, or just talk football.


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