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Cobs of the Week: Dan Hawkins (AGAIN!), Texas, Missouri, Michigan/Illinois "defense", & East Carolina

Ah what a wacky weekend we encountered this weekend. In recent weeks, we've had to reach for Cob nominees to fill this out. This week, we're being a little more selective. That's good news for Niles Paul, who's fumbled kickoff return pales in comparison to what we saw on the field this weekend.

After the jump...more about our nominees:

Dan Hawkins

You know, just when you think we're piling on, we find out we're actually going easy on you. As Kansas mounted their incredible comeback, Captain Oblivious told his team to relax, claiming they have the momentum.

"We thought the game was over (at halftime)," said Colorado running back Rodney Stewart, who rushed for 177 yards and three touchdowns on 27 carries. "We thought they were going to give up, but they never did. When the coach brought us over and told us we needed to pull it together is when we started to get it in our heads that we could lose."

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said he told his team to relax in the fourth quarter.

"We're up by 14, we're the team that's ahead and we've got the momentum, so we're still in control here," Hawkins said.

Blowing a 28 point lead in the fourth quarter to what has clearly had been the worst team in the Big 12 this season?


Has Texas given up? You'd almost hope so at this point cause if this is trying things are really bad in Austin. K-State passed for 9 yards total in it's 39-14 win on Saturday night. Now to be fair Cats backup Klein did complete 50% of his passes (2 for 4). KSU beating Texas isn't anything new, but come on 9 yards passing, and the game never seemed in doubt after the first quarter. That's just ridiculous, a little sad, and to a lot of Husker fans, really funny. Tell me who is going to watch your Longhorns Network when you suck? Wait a minute; you're Texas.. (In case you missed JLew's CornFlakes entry from last Friday...)


I watched Missouri break out into the lead and figured the Tigers would cruise against hapless Tech. Well, apparently so did Gary Pinkel. Blaine Gabbert may have still been feeling the results of Courtney Osborne's sack from last week, or maybe the Tiger receivers missed the bus. In any event, Dave Matter couldn't make much sense out of what happened. Interesting note is that Gabbert is the 14th ranked passer in the Big 12 on third down. Ponder that one for a while.

Michigan/Illinois Defense

I wonder what Bo and Woody said about this one from above. Yes, we know that overtime games tend to inflate the score, but remember, it was 31-31 at halftime. When these two schools met on the basketball court in February, the Illini beat the Weasels 51-45. Something's wrong when football teams outscore the hoops team.

East Carolina

A reader asked us to add East Carolina for giving up 76 points to Navy. Well, it's hard to overlook that Cosgrovian feat, so they join in the fun.