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Corn Flakes: The Day After ISU

So barring a complete and epic meltdown Nebraska looks to have the North locked up. NU would have to lose 2 of the next 3, with 2 of those games against KU and CU the worse teams in the league. Yeah jinxes be damned.

It's time to accept that fact that Nebraska isn't going to play for the National Championship this year, barring complete and epic meltdowns to TCU, Boise St, Oregon, and Auburn. Auburn may lose, but I really don't see the other 3 losing. So style points mean nothing. Get to the Big 12 Championship game, and beat OSU/OU. The BCS dream is still alive.

I wonder though if the win over Oklahoma State looks better than the loss to Texas. If you switched the 2, having NU beat Texas (Yeah!), but lose to OSU on the road, would you think that NU was a better team than they are now? I like the win over OSU better, but again it's all academic at this point.


The Cats dream of the mice and the BCS

I see a lot of people defending Rhoads decision for the fake PAT, but I don't see anyone attacking it. Stop trying to create conflict. Reminds me of the Gabbert noise we heard about last week.

Don't be spoiled already Husker fans, think back a few years, enjoy the wins.

Anyway on to the Husker Win Links!

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Huskers Survive A Cyclone in Ames

So Nebraska wins ugly. Big effin' deal. Nebraska was the only road team to win in the Big XII today in a day filled with surprises.

Mike has better perspective than me, writes better as well. At least I have the cats.

Chatelain: No flash but a lot of dash for reliable Rex -

Give Watson credit. He saw it coming Monday. Without a healthy Martinez or Zac Lee, Watson polished off the old Wildcat and added it to his game plan. Burkhead would take snaps, sometimes alone in the backfield, sometimes with Helu beside him.

Some people can't give Watson any credit. Then again I have a hard time giving Cotton any. Dang prejudice!

Report card: Nebraska vs. Iowa State

OVERALL (B) You had a feeling this was going to be one of those days where a victory by any margin would be welcome. No Taylor Martinez. A road game after a back-to-back wins against ranked teams. A history of tussles in Ames. The Huskers found a way, and now hope to heal up with a resurgent Kansas team coming to town.

I was surprised with the B.

Lots more links after the jump, Bowl predictions, backlash against Niles, and more analysis than you can handle.

Big 12 helmet stickers: Week 10 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Nebraska's running backs: With two hurt quarterbacks on a windy day in Ames, this one was on them. They delivered. Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead combined for 228 yards on 42 carries and three touchdowns, including Burkhead's go-ahead touchdown in overtime. Burkhead ran out of the Wildcat formation for much of the game, and helped the Huskers survive a rough day without Taylor Martinez with a 31-30 win in Ames.

From the sidelines: Pictures say a thousand words -

For the offensive unit, those photo boards can be used in place of the hand signals that the Huskers typically rely on between each snap. Instead of getting the play call from the gesturing backup quarterbacks, the Huskers can simply look at the pictures. And who, or what, are the pictures of? NU Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Jamrog, ESPN commentator Ed Cunningham and Zach Galifianakis from "The Hangover" to name just three. Each photo corresponds to a particular play, a certain snap count, a specific formation.

Will we soon have the Oregon offense as well?

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa State Cyclones - Recap - November 06, 2010 - ESPN

"I think about half the people on the team had just expected it to be some kind of fake. The coaches, they kind of prepared us. They knew that coming into this game that they'd have something up their sleeve," Nebraska defensive back Austin Cassidy said.

What a play.

Survive and Advance - Husker Football

On the Sunday morning following losses by nine teams ranked in the top 25, Husker fans can take a certain measure of solace and even pride in having survived the week without a loss.

Better Off Red | Nebraska @ Iowa State: Survivorman

While most of this lays directly at the feet of Niles, the coaching staff needs to be held accountable as well. There is no explanation that Gilmore, Bo, or Watson could give that could possibly be good enough to justify him playing another snap. He needs to be left to rot on the bench for the remainder of the year and his playing time donated to someone that’s worth a shit. In short, I’m finished with Niles Paul. I can’t wait till he graduates. Especially after the stunt he pulled at OSU to the Nebraska fans in attendance down there. Whatever crap he gets from the fans from here on out is utterly deserved and warranted.

I don't like calling out players. But there are a lot of fans that feel this way. Right after the game I got invited to a facebook group "Nile Paul Should be Benched". Like all facebook groups I ignored it, but it's out there. So yeah what's your approach to Niles?

The Wiz of Odds: Undefeated TCU, Boise State Out of BCS Title Party?

BCS title game: Oregon vs. Auburn Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Ohio State Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma State Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Pittsburgh

What Pitt? I guess we'd get to play "against" SP, but ugh.

Curt McKeever: Huskers find tricks, treats in uneven performance

Handicapped by the absence of starting quarterback Taylor Martinez, missing cornerback Alfonzo Dennard's calming presence and stung by a special-teams turnover that gift-wrapped a game-tying touchdown, time stood still for NU in overtime.

Ugh the KO return, reading it makes me start to get uneasy again, let's move along.

Barfknecht: Rhoads is resourceful and resilient -

Better watch out ISU, the last coach Barfknecht had a crush on was Ron Prince.