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Week 10 College Football Picks

Week 10
Wow...lots of intriguing matchups in the Big XII this week.  No wonder five out of the six games are televised this week...

Once again whoever is around on the internet from Corn Nation gives you what you need to know about this weekend's match ups. Please feel free to let us know where we are wrong, what you are watching this weekend, or what jokes we failed to make.

On to the picks!

Colorado (-8.5) at Kansas
Matt:  Kansas just can’t seem to fin any mojo this year.  The Buffs are simply more talented.  Wow....never thought I’d say that. Buffs    28     Jayhawks   17

Mike: But it’s Colorado...and it’s in Lawrence.  Both teams are horrible, but I see one little edge. With Cody Hawkins, Colorado wants to throw the ball.  But Kansas’ pass defense is third in the league.  Maybe I’m grasping at straws, but I’m going with Turner at home.  Rock Chalk 24, Puffaloes 19

JLew: If no one goes to the game does it really happen? Does anyone care? Wouldn’t it be nice if Dan decided to just let Turner have this win. Screw it I’m out so here you go Turner, never say anything about 10 wins. KU 23 CU 20

Missouri (-4) at Texas Tech
Matt:  Mizzou should rebound quite easily over a much lesser Red Raiders team. Mizzou 38 Tech   27

Mike: Maybe the Pinkel factor got to Missouri last week, but Tech has been slipping all season long.  I know this one’s in Lubbock, but I’m going with Mizzou 35, Tech 21
JLew: Mizzou should find the Tech defense more accepting of their offense. Plus I don’t think that the Tech defense is as good as Nebraska’s D (Big stretch here huh?). MU 33 Tech 28

Oklahoma (-3.5) at Texas A&M
Matt:  Oklahoma controls its own destiny in the south and should show up focused to an emotionally charge Kyle Field.  Landry Jones seems to be clicking on all cylinders. Sooners    42    A&M  24
Mike: I’ve been ridiculing Mike Sherman as Bill Callahan 2.0, but one thing Sherman was able to do that Billy C never could do was switch quarterbacks. And Ryan Tennehill makes the Aggies look quite a bit different.  I smell an upset here.  Aggies 38, Sooners 35
JLew: ATM sucks, I think. OU isn’t great but they are better than A&M. I wouldn’t be surprised if OU packed it in again if they get down ala Missouri, though. Hmmmm Lets split the difference, Sooners to win but not cover. OU 28 ATM 27

Baylor (+7) at Oklahoma State
Matt:  Can anyone say shootout?  This game could be surprisingly similar to the Nebraska Okie State game a couple weeks back.  Justin Blackmon returns and probably hasn’t lost a beat. Okie State   54    Baylor   49
Mike:  Except that I don’t think the Bears have a defense.  This one is going to be like one of those old ESPN late night WAC games from 20 years ago, except that this one is on FSN and it’s about 12 hours early.  Oklahoma State 63, Baylor 52
JLew: I think OSU rolls Baylor, the running game of OSU controls the clock, and I think the Cowboy D is better than the Bear D. OSU 45 Baylor 37

Texas (-4) at Kansas State
Matt:  Done.. I’m done thinking this is the week Texas shows up to finally play a game.  Daniel Thomas finally carries his team to a victory.   Wildcats    24     Texas   23
Mike:  Texas has it’s share of problems, but stopping the run isn’t one of them. This one is a bad matchup for Kansas State.  Longhorns 21, Wildcats 10
JLew: I agree with Mike, how will KSU move the ball? Plus the Cat D is slow. Texas 23 KSU 10

Illinois (+3) at Michigan
Matt:  Illini.  See ya Rich Rod.  Illinois    30    Meeeeeeechigan   23
Mike: Rich Rod got off easy with the NCAA.  But could the Zooker really upset him?  Ooooh. Illini 27, Weasels 24
JLew: NOT SO FAST! Michigan...the quarterback up there can run it. He’ll score, in the Big House. Close throughout. (Trying for a Lee Corso here)  Michigan 33 Illinois 21.

Northwestern (+6) at Penn State
Matt:  In the battle of the cats I’ve gotta go with the wild variety.   Wildcats    21      Nittany Lions   20
Mike: It’s at home, but take the points.  Penn State 21, Northwestern 17
JLew: JoPa gets like win 4000. here. Penn State 23 North by NorthWestern 17

Texas Christian (-4.5) at Utah
Matt:  TCU’s defense has been amazing, I don’t care who you play.  They’ll show up and dominate a muchly overrated Utah squad on the road. TCU    40    Utah 10
Mike: I’m not so sure Utah is overrated...but I am a believer in BCS anarchy.  Utah 27, TCU 24
Jlew: It’s at Utah, altitude gets TCU in the second half. Nebraska moves up. Utes 27 TCU 23

Alabama (-6) at LSU
Matt:  Bama will struggle early with an amazing crowd in Baton Rouge, but eventually their poise and steady running game will take over and comeback to win a close one. Tide    30    LSU   27
Mike: Alabama has played (and won) in tough places before.  LSU has been just good enough to win this season, but they’ll need more than that.  Alabama 31, LSU 17
JLew: Bama responds, LSU has no BS luck. Bama 27 LSU 21

Nebraska (-19) at Iowa State
Matt: 8. 8. 8. That’s the only way this could happen in my opinion.  Iowa State has a knack for creating turnovers and following the three week gauntlet that Nebraska has just been through they may be a tad sluggish to open this one.  The Clones will probably keep it close for the first quarter and a half but I expect the Huskers D to be very limiting.  The offense will wake up and probably hit a big play before the half to stretch the lead to two scores.  The second half will be won up front with the lines, where Nebraska a distinct advantage in route to a safe and easy win.  Huskers     38      Clones   17
Mike:  I know Taylor Martinez has been practicing, but I don’t think he’ll play.  Martinez may be tough, but what makes Martinez so special is that he is a freakish athlete. He may be able to take a snap, throw the ball, and even run a little...but unless he’s close to 100%, he’s not special. And if he’s not special, I think Zac Lee is the better quarterback.  Yes, he’s not Martinez fast...but I don’t think Martinez is Martinez fast this week.  So Nebraska will try to make it through without Martinez.  My prediction:  Huskers 31, Iowa State 10.
JLew: Here’s the deal, ISU can’t stop the run. NU can run, with whoever at QB. Too many weapons for NU. NU 35 ISU 13