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Corn Flakes: Getting ready for ISU

Had to go to a conference in Southern California last weekend (yeah that sucks) and drove by Corona California. In my effort to get a picture to post for no reason other than maybe a nod to Martinez I missed my exit. Also during the trip we stopped into the Hooters in Long Beach (had to meet someone there, I hate going there, the foods horrible, and I can't stand watching people think that the girls "really like them") is a Husker themed location, so it wasn't all bad (just the food).

Not much to report in this Corn Flakes, Nebraska needs to stay focused and keep playing at the level they are capable of to win the Big 12 North.

Let's start where we left off last time-


(College Football) 2010 - Missouri @ Nebraska (via MatcoSports)

Now lets look ahead 2010 Big 12 Fearless Picks - Nov. 6, BU-Ok St

What Will Happen: Iowa State will run well for about two drives, and then the Nebraska floodgates will open. Two home runs for touchdowns will change things in a hurry as the Cyclones will try to start passing, but with no success. The Huskers won’t roll in a blowout, but they’ll be comfortable.

A Paper Win For Nebraska? Not So Fast - Clone Chronicles

Stats are for nerds, they can be used to prove anything remotely true. Look last year it took 8 turnovers, several unforced, and last year's offense for ISU to win. No way ISU wins keeps it close this year without significant help from Nebraska.

Practice report: Taylor Martinez a 'game-time decision'

Dennard has not been ruled out, not that any coach would tell another team anything if they knew anything.

How to Deal With Nebraska Fans

Better Off Red had a post about this but removed it. Anyway it seems like a guaranteed way to boost traffic is to take jabs at NU fans (Just ask TB at BOTC) but unlike TB's work this is poorly written, and just not funny. STD's for all!

Pay-for-play probe puts Cam Newton's eligibility in the air - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

How big of a mess would this be?

UT Football, Basketball, Baseball & Golf statues behind Co-op

Go to this thread and look at the "art work" that Texas has. Then go to pages 11 and 12 to see LSUfreek's work. You'll laugh and laugh hard.