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Cobs of the Week: 'Bama, Boise, Okie State, Iowegia, and an Irrevelvant Commissioner

Before we move onto this weekend's Big Eight Championship game, we still have one final task from last weekend, and that's the awarding of the Cob of the Week for the worst of this past weekend's college football. And though Jon wants us to ignore that commissioner guy, he already had been nominated. So he's in the mix, along with several other candidates. So if you want to prove that Husker fans are so over the doofus in Dallas, here's your chance.

Or if you want to make a statement, go that direction as well.

Alabama: Blowing a 24-point lead against your rival, especially considering you have two of the best backs in the country to help milk the clock.

Boise State: Pperhaps the saddest cob of all time. Kicker Kyle Brotzman missed a chip-shot field goal at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime, then misses another in overtime to effectively seal the win for Nevada. If you're one of those guys who focuses on the end, on the clutch, Brotzman wasn't. If you're one of those guys who remembers football is a team game you'd say - where the hell was his team in overtime? They knew the guy just missed an easy field goal - if they wanted to save themselves, they'd have scored a touchdown in overtime and made it tough on Nevada. Kyle Brotzman - sad cob for you.

Oklahoma State's defensive secondary. Specifically the play at 2:42 of the ESPN highlights:
I realize it was play-action, but how do you let a guy run right by you like James Hanna run right by you like that when the game is the line? There are five defenders chasing him, but none near him. Choklahoma State all over again!

Iowa: The Squawkeyes started the season ranked ninth...then found a way to lose the final three games. Wisconsin and Ohio State, I can accept. Arizona, that was on the road. Ok, tough draw. But Northwestern? And Minne-freaking-sota? You gotta be kidding me. Getting held to 218 yards by a Kevin Cosgrove defense?

The Clueless Commissioner: Could this man be any more ridiculous? First he refuses to send a representative to Lincoln in the event Nebraska defeats Colorado and wins the old-Big 8-minus-Oklahoma division, claiming that it's too dangerous to send anybody from his office. Really? A representative flies in, gets a University escort to a hotel then the game, watches the game from a suite, then is escorted to the locker room? That's too dangerous?

Ok, ok. So maybe Big Boy could be instantly recognized. But how about somebody else? Maybe, oh, Ed Stewart?

Maybe we're being petty about that. Saturday, he told the Lincoln Journal-Star that he thought Texas A&M's Tony Jerod-Eddie was simply going after the football and nothing more. And since Ben Cotton said the same thing, why should he think anything different? Oy!

So who's your choice for Cob of the Week?