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Forget The Big 12 Conspiracies And Dan Beebe - Let's Focus On Football

Does anyone really think these guys needed a Big 12 North trophy to make their day?
Does anyone really think these guys needed a Big 12 North trophy to make their day?

Nebraska's fan base has gone a bit overboard in the past three weeks with the near-constant complaining about refereeing, Dan Beebe and this whole thing about the Big 12 not sending a representative to present the Huskers with the Big 12 North trophy.

A Big 12 North trophy might mean something to Kansas State or Iowa State, but for Nebraska it's not worth the time to write about, unless you're a media guy who enjoys further tweaking an already rabid fan base.

The Husker football team has put together a helluva season despite having to deal with some key injuries, and most importantly, the primary goal is at hand - winning the Big 12 championship.

The Big 12 Championship title game is a dream match up - our last Big 12 game against old nemesis Oklahoma. It's almost as if the game were set up (what??? conspiracy!) because things couldn't have happened much better than this.

I'm going to do my best this week to focus on our football team and the upcoming game. All the other stuff - worrying about the refereeing crew, whether Dan Beebe will present a trophy (we still have to win the game, remember), whether other fans are for or against us - and I hope you join me in trying to avoid the anger this week (unless of course you have something very funny, then by all means).


We're supposed to be college football's greatest fans (even though it's a moniker that I HATE with a passion). Let's live up to it. Maybe send Dan Beebe's daughter or the Big 12 office administrators some flowers. Don't send nasty, vile email or voicemail messages to the Big 12 not just because it makes Husker fans look worse than we already do, but BECAUSE IT'S EVIL. Don't know about you, but a sign that says "The Greatest But Most Vile Fans In College Football" doesn't make much sense to me.

The bottom line - Husker fans have a lot of reasons to be happy about how this season has turned out so far. Stop trying to enjoy being angry about it and roaming the perimeter of your psyche looking for any slight, whether real or perceived. 

This is our last week in the Big 12. Remember that as we leave this conference, we prepare to join another and those people don't know us very well. Let's try to make a good first impression, and kick their asses later, eh?