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Nebraska vs Colorado - In Photos

Once again, professional photographer Dennis Hubbard gets us some great action shots of Nebraska beating up on the Colorado Buffaloes.

cody green
Cody Green - I don't think I'm as down on Green as most other people. Granted, he's not Martinez, but he performed pretty well against Colorado.
Tim Marlowe
Tim Marlowe - What does the future hold for this young man? Certainly he's got a burst, but is he the punt returner that Husker fans are looking for the next couple years?
Roy Helu
Roy Helu Jr - played his last game in Memorial Stadium and now has a chance to go out a champion.
lavonte David
Lavonte David - surprise player of the year? By a long shot, as far as I'm concerned. Showed up, got on the field, and has made plays since the day he started.
rex burkhead
Rex Burkhead - you gotta love his straight-ahead gain yardage running style. And oh! He can pass, apparently!
dejon gomes
Dejon Gomes - where would you rank him amongst the secondary? Or is he a linebacker?