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College Football Predictions - 2010 Week 13

The Texas Longhorns have already ended their football season. Is that amazing or what? It was only yesterday I was arguing with people about how they weren't a Top Ten team, and here they are at 5-7 after last night's loss to Texas A&M.

Let's hope the same happens to Colorado today. Late again, as usual, but here's your predictions for today and the weekend.  

Auburn (+4.5) at Alabama

Mr. Corn:  I really really want Auburn to lose this game after everything that's been going on lately. But I don't think they'll lose. Newton is a phenomenal player, and apparently unphased by distraction. Maybe karma will really hit Auburn hardest if/when they go undefeated, but lose everything they've worked for because of the Cam Newton mess? I can only hope. Auburn 30  ‘Bama 21

Mike: Auburn has been doing it all season with offense... but Saban's squad is the more balanced group. It's time for BCS Anarchy!  ‘Bama 31 Auburn 28

Matt: Alabama has all the tools to pull off the upset....well I guess they're favorites but you get the point. A steady run game along with a stellar defensive performance will give Boise and TCU fans hope.  Bama 32 Auburn 23

Jon: It isn't that I don't like Auburn, it's that they'll lose at ‘Bama for the same reasons Mike listed - ‘Bama is the more balanced team.

Oklahoma (+2.5) at Oklahoma State

Mr. Corn: This is a tough one. I'm still not confident that OSU is the best team in the south. Dangerous, yes...but not the best team overall. We'll see, but I have to think that Oklahoma will pull this one out and ruin another Cowboy season, yet again. Sooners 35  ‘Pokes 28

Mike: I don't think Oklahoma State is the best team in the South...but they've been the most consistent.  So is this the weekend the Sooners play well?  That's my vote:  Sooners 42, Cowboys 31

Matt: Bedlam has as much on the line this year as ever. Okie State has been the more consistent of the two but something is just preventing me from picking against Stoops and the Sooners when the South is on the line. Sooners 40 Cowboys 35

Jon: I'd like to see Oklahoma win this one, but the Cowboy offense is so incredible it's hard to pick the Sooners. This may be the best team that Boone Pickens can buy, though, and they just might win the Big 12.
Oklahoma State 42 Oklahoma 38

Michigan State (+2) at Penn State

Mr. Corn: I've been a Sparty fan all season. I think they'll win the conference and Penn State is just another foregone conclusion in the Spartan schedule as far as I'm concerned. The location won't matter, and the green guys will roll. Spartans 42  Nittany Lions 17
Mike: How is Sparty just a two point favorite? This forced rivalry won't end well for JoePa.  Spartans 31, Nitts 14

Matt: Joe Pa and the boys get it done on Senior Day. Upset. Penn St 24 Sparty 23

Jon: I don't understand the two point line either, but I'm guessing there are a lot of things about the Big Ten we have not yet discovered. Michigan State has too much offense for the Nitts, but the fact that it's at Happy Valley will keep the game close. Michigan State 24 Penn State 21

Missouri (-24.5) vs. Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium

Mr. Corn: Missouri really needs this game don't they? That's enough for me, and they should have no issues putting up points on the KU defense. Even if Turner gets the offense going, it won't matter. All of this of course, assuming that Nebraska loses and opens the door for them. Either way, the Tigers bite, and bite hard. Mizzou 38  Kansas 10

Mike:  I'd really like to pick Turner's team...but I can't do it.  Mizery 42, Jayhawks 14

Matt: Is there really any question?
Mizzou 49 Jayhawks 10

Jon: meh.  Missouri 42 Kansas 14

Michigan (+17) at Ohio State

Mr. Corn: Michigan has shown enough signs all season to convince me that they can pull off an upset. They've shown the ability to put up points, but the Wolverine defense has been porous to say the least. If they can shore things up on the defensive side, they could be a problem. Ohio State has faults, but unfortunately for MU, offensive output isn't one of them. My guess is that OSU finds enough kinks to eventually open up a pretty big wound. Wolverines 17   Buckeyes  27
Mike: How does Meechigan hold Ohio State to only 27 points?  This one is going to get ugly.  Buckeyes 42 Weasels 14

Matt: I don't know why but Denard will win this one and earn a trip to NY in the process.
Michigan 40 Buckeyes 39

Jon: Michigan doesn't stand much of a chance - it's the same story as usual - Michigan, offense, no defense, except in this one Ohio State's defense will shut down Denard Robinson, and Jim Tressel knows how to score. Sometimes it's only field goals, but if you get 12 of them, it adds up. Ohio State 36 Michigan 21

Colorado (+17.5) at Nebraska

Mr. Corn: Colorado's only edge here is being that of the spolier. I'm sure there is nothing the CU fans want more than to ruin our plans to play one more game in December. Nebraska still has too many weapons, even with a gimpy QB, and they're due to have another big game. I think we run the hell out of the ball, and this ends up poorly for the Buffs in their last trip to Lincoln. Sayonara Ralphie! Buffs 10  Huskers 42

Mike: No matter how back the Buffies seem to be, they always seem seem to play up against the Huskers. And with all the injuries, I'm worried about this one.  Huskers 20, Buffies 17

Matt: Unlike Mike I think the Huskers will come out with something to prove, earning that trip to Dallas just a week late. Huskers 35 Buffs 17

Jon: Is there something to worry about here? Nebraska's defense has played incredible in the past few games - so without the offense giving up turnovers, I don't see Colorado scoring more than 10 points any way, any how. Question is - can the Husker offense score more than 10? I say yes - evidence - Cody Green at Iowa State.
Nebraska 24 Colorado 13