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Cobs of the Week: Us, Bo & Carl, Greg Burks & Friends, Tony Jerod-Eddie, & Purdue Punt Protection

Just when you think we couldn't get any later with this...we get later. It's Wednesday and still no Cob nominations? Well, we were working on them, but they just didn't get posted. So we'll nominate ourselves first as our penance.

Who else? Well, there's no end of nominations from the Nebraska/Texas A&M game, so we'll start there...

The Pelini Brothers: Bo freaked out at Taylor Martinez and side judge Gene Semko. Carl freaked out on Brandon Jones and his camera. Whether they had a point wasn't the issue; the point was how they made it known.

Greg Burks and his Big XII officiating crew: Even Texas A&M fans had to wonder about that "roughing the passer" penalty flag against Courtney Osborne. That horrible call gave the Aggies a first down and the eventual game-winning field goal, rather than facing a fourth down and likely having to punt. And we're going to behave and not bring up your track record of throwing flags in games involving the Huskers. Suffice it to say that even the media is wondering.

Tony Jerod-Eddie A&M coach Mike Sherman says he's handling the Jerod-Eddie situation, but would not disclose anything further. That apparently includes whether the rest of the Aggies are being issued "soap on a rope", or whether Jerod-Eddie can use Sherman (or Ben Cotton) as a reference on his job application with the Transportation Security Administration.

Austen Moret: On punts, Purdue deploys three linemen behind the line of scrimmage for a reason to make sure nobody gets through to the punter. Great strategy, as long as the linemen actually move out of their three point stance. Austen Moret channeled his inner Lydon Murtha and waved as Denicos Allen ran right past him to block the punt to set up the game winning score.

Moret is in the group of three blockers about 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage on the right side; look under the "N". Watch him stick out his arm and not even move his feet.