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Saying Goodbye To Texas A&M

This isn't going to be that long, because, honestly, Nebraska didn't play Texas A&M all that many times over the past few years. There were some good games between the schools, but A&M didn't generate the hate for Husker fans that Texas did because we beat the Aggies more than they beat us.

Now, before you go thinking I hate the Aggies, don't. I helped install Kyle Field's sound and fire alarms systems for a couple summers when they expanded their stadium in the early 80s, nearly getting killed a few times in the process. I learned a lot about Aggies, their traditions, and developed a respect for the school.

The unfortunate thing is the last game between the schools will not be remembered for its great football (and there was some great football being played), but for the video - one of a player getting jobbed in a pile, and another for a coach breaking a camera.

And it really is unfortunate, because most of the talk about each incident has lead to the fanbases from either team tearing the other one down, mostly on web sites. Too bad, because I had several close relatives at the game, and they had a helluva lotta fun with the Aggie fans. My brother mentioned that several of the Aggie fans around him thought that the officiating was horrific, that something weird was going on, and I don't say that to promote the vast anti-Nebraska conspiracy theory, but to point out that opposing fans would be generous to another opposing fans when the aftermath has devolved into a pile of poop.

I wish Texas A&M the best of luck with whatever happens to them in the future, whether they stay with the Big 12 or someday bolt to the SEC. The only other thing I can really add is - I guess I'm sorry we didn't get to know you better. Maybe someday we would have finally understand all the bizarreness that is Texas A&M university, its traditions, and its fans.