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BlogPoll College Football Ranking: Blogpoll Top 25 Week 13: Nebraska Falls.

The Top Five remain unchanged, but if something's going to happen to save the BCS from having to explain this disaster, there's not a whole lotta time left for it to happen. But ain't that the way it always goes?

Look the games left for the four undefeated teams:

Oregon has Arizona and Oregon State

Auburn has Alabama

Boise State has Nevada and Utah State

TCU has New Mexico (as if they have a real football team)

If I were a betting man, I'd say that Oregon and Auburn have the most likely chances of losing - which could set up a TCU-Boise State finale, that'd play right into the BCS' dream scenario.

And unfortunately, with two losses, Nebraska is out of the BCS picture. The Huskers fall to #15 in my ranking, one spot ahead of Missouri, and two spots ahead of Texas A&M. Aggies, making coaching decisions earlier from now on.