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The Taylor Martinez Unsubstantiated Rumor Thread

For the last couple of hours, Twitter and the Interwebs have been abuzz with a report that Taylor Martinez has left the football program. Max Olson of the Daily Nebraskan offers the most definitive statement yet via Twitter:

Rumors swirling regarding Taylor Martinez's status with team. Three sources have told me he did not attend team meetings today.

Discuss and link as necessary...we'll keep this thread updated if anything else emerges.


8:39 PM Bleacher Report says it's confirmed.

9:15 PM WOWT-Channel 6 in Omaha says via Twitter that Martinez missed a team meeting, but has not left the team.

9:25 PM's Joe Schad:

Taylor Martinez's HS coach, Matt Logan, told me he just spoke w the QB, who said: "Everything is fine. I haven't quit the team."

9:27 PM Sean Callahan also reports

From Taylor Martinez's high school coach Matt Logan: "I just talked to Taylor. He has not quit." So there you have it.

9:35 PM Mitch Sherman from the Sweet Newspaper talked to Pelini

Reached shortly before 8 p.m., Pelini said the status of his freshman quarterback had not changed since the end of Huskers' 9-6 loss Saturday at Texas A&M.

"He's still on the team," the coach said.


Asked if he expected Martinez to continue with the Huskers this week as they prepare for Friday's regular-season finale at home against Colorado, Pelini said yes.

10:30 PM One of the original sources for this story, a new blog called "BigRedCritic" has disappeared from the internet; Blogspot saying "Blog Not Found."  Bleacher Report has also taken their original story down.