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Nebraska's Loss To Texas A&M: Big 12 Officiating Sucks But So Does Bo Pelini's Behavior

Here's what you have facts on - Nebraska lost to Texas A&M 9-6 in what was one helluva football game. Nebraska's defense was incredible, holding Texas A&M to nine points. Nebraska's offense was shut down with the loss of Taylor Martinez' ankle and the incredible play of the Aggie defense.

Unfortunately there will be little focus on football because the game was marred by penalties, some deserved, some not, and because of Bo and Carl Pelini's actions during and after the game.

16 penalties for 140 yards for Nebraska compared to two penalties for 10 yards against Texas A&M. Did the referees give this game to Texas A&M? It's hard to say no, but it's just as hard to say that Nebraska should have generated more than six points worth of offense.

I've tried to do my best to not buy into the conspiracy theory that the Big 12 will do anything to keep us from winning the Big 12 championship, mostly because I don't think they're capable of masterminding that sort of crap. However, last night's game may have convinced me otherwise - because to be honest, there were times I couldn't believe what I was watching.

The personal foul penalties against Ben Cotton should have never been called, but it's easy to say that after seeing what happened. Eric Martin got two personal foul penalties - for what other than being Eric Martin we may never know (and believe me, I'll be searching for the video). Courtney Osborne's roughing the passer penalty was about as bad a call as I've seen in a long time and the worst part about that one is it allowed Texas A&M's drive on which they kicked the game winner to continue. I could go on - the officials waving off a flag for pass interference on a play that would have continued a Nebraska drive - but I'm not sure what good it will do.

I'm sure opposing fans (or non-Nebraska fans would be a better way of saying that) will point out that Bo Pelini is earning these calls because he's such a complete asshole on the sidelines. I'd like you to think about that for a minute and go back and look at the Osborne roughing call. If Pelini screaming at a ref causes him to make such a horrible call, he probably shouldn't be officiating any more games. A bad call is a bad call and there's no other explanation for it.

If you're wondering why Nebraska fans are getting so bent out of shape about the penalties - it's because there appears to be some fuel for the fire. It isn't something that just happened because of the Texas A&M game, it's something that's been building over the season.

Bo Pelini's sideline demeanor needs to change. It doesn't bother me all that much that he was shown tossing several f-bombs in the direction of Taylor Martinez (unless it really bothered Martinez, and we'll find out about that after the season ends). What bothers me is that I believe he loses control of his ability to effectively coach his team. I'd like some feedback about what all y'all think about that.

After the game there was an incident involving Carl Pelini allegedly breaking a video camera. From the story I got, one of the owners of the site was filming on the field after the game, happened upon Carl chewing out an official (or a member of Texas A&M's sideline), and when Carl saw him, Carl went after the camera, trying to take it away from the owner. The video of the video is online, but inconclusive. The camera was not permanently damaged, but if this truly did take place, you have to wonder if the Pelini brothers should be spending part of this next off-season taking anger management courses.

Conspiracy theory? I'm leaning more towards maybe.

Regardless of how I feel, Big 12 officials have replaced Pac 10 officials as the biggest group of incompetent officials in college football.