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Cobs of the Week: Texas, Michigan State, Ed Cunningham, and Mike DeArmond!

Eeek. We let another weekend slip away without our "Cobs of the Week" nominations! Maybe we should nominate ourselves. Each week, we list the worst of college football as candidates for the Cob. Almost always, it's usually something on the field, but this week, a couple of members of their media engaged their mouth before engaging their brains and join the parade.


Yes, they're a repeat nominee. But they're 4-4 this season and have lost three straight home games to UCLA, Iowa State, and Baylor. That's right. Baylor. Baylor is bowl eligible, and Texas is not. (And right now, doesn't look like they'll get there either) It's a team in disarray.

Ed Cunningham

Do I need to say why?

Gary Pinkel and David Yost

Ah yes, the Pinkel Factor. One week after unveiling an inside running game that could exploit the Huskers' 79th ranked rushing defense, Missouri's brain trust decides to open the game with a 5 wide receiver/no back set on the opening series, and continues with the same approach for the rest of the first quarter. In hindsight, he says the Tigers should have run the ball more. You think?

Mike DeArmond

Last year, he called the idea that Nebraska could win the Big XII North was "abso-tooting-lutely nuts". This summer, he didn't know last Saturday's game was in Lincoln when he predicted Missouri to win the Big XII North. Then last week, he announced that Nebraska fans are like Kansas basketball and St. Louis Cardinal fans; they're all inbred. Yep, that's right. The guy from the state that brings us the Baldknobbers calling OTHERS inbred. SportsByBrooks pretty much nails him.