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Roll Auburn's Nick Fairley Now -Why Wait?

I didn't realize the dirtiness that happend during last week's Georgia - Auburn game because I didn't have video access until now. Here's the thing - after watching last week's Auburn game and the way that Nick Fairley clearly went after Georgia's quarterback to cause injury should make anyone sick. It's not like it's anything new to Auburn, though... because they've been a bunch of cheap bastards over the years. (Look up chop blocks somewhere and you'll find Auburn right in there, eh?) 

Every down of the game, there are moves on the offensive and defensive lines that would allow you to shred another guy's knees. Everyone knows that, but they don't do it, because it leads to retribution, and a level of disrespect and a level of play that shouldn't be allowed. 

I played mostly offensive guard. I did some things I'm not proud of, but I can tell you straight out that if I saw that tape of Fairley, I'd roll his legs the first chance I got rather than let him beat up my quarterback like he did against Georgia. 

There's cheap, and then there's a reaction. And that's the part we're not supposed to talk about - that reaction. And I'm suppose to be a nice writer here, and not say what I really think, which is - 

screw you, Nick Fairley, I hope you never see the the NFL because you don't deserve to play the game any more than you already have.