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Week 12 Cobs of the Week: Indiana, Kansas passing, Iowegia, and Obscene T-shirt Vendors

Well, the obvious candidate would be Texas..but we already knew that... So we're looking elsewhere. This week, the candidates are a little harder to find, but we'll press forward because that's what we do here.

Indiana 83 points? I mean, I know that Wisconsin was throwing the ball a bit, even with their reserves...but c'mon. Eighty-three points given up by a Big Ten defense...and it wasn't Kevin Cosgrove's?

T-shirt Vendors outside Memorial Stadium. I've seen you all season and tried to ignore you. First it was the "Horns Down" t-shirts you peddled all September; Peter Bean of BurntOrangeNation thought the world of you. After that worked out so well, now you've got your "Lincoln (obscenity) Nebraska" t-shirts that add two more obscenities on the reverse side. Haven't seen you sell a single one yet, so after the game, you decided that you weren't being shunned, but people just didn't know what you were selling. So then you decided to recite your shirts out loud so that everybody, including all the kids walking by, could understand your brilliance and creativity.

Kansas' passing attack...3/13 for a whopping 15 yards. Pretty pathetic no matter who the defense is.

The state of Iowa. It was clear Iowa State blew it's wad against Nebraska and had nothing left to battle Colorado
(although a sympathy award should go out to QB Austen Arnaud for blowing out his knee and ending his career). Iowa, OTOH, losing to Northwestern again, especially to their defense for giving up a fourth-quarter touchdown drive. Wow, Hawkeyes, what are you playing for in that rivalry? The monopoly piece dog????