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Saying Goodbye To Kansas

Fumble again???? Arggghhhh!!!
Fumble again???? Arggghhhh!!!

I don't have a lot interesting to say about this week's game (a great way to start an article, right?) because when I went to review it on my in-laws DirecTV system, it had already been deleted because apparently those pricks think that you should never be allowed to watch a game again once you've watched it. Kind of convinced me I'll never buy their product. 

I've been deer hunting. I shot a whitetail buck on Sunday, one shot - one kill, exploding it's heart with my .270. My joke, "I didn't shoot it, I exploded it's heart with my mind". 

For the first time, my license allowed a doe, but my shooting was just bloody awful on this one. 

You always want to ethically kill an animal - the way I think of it is - would I want to be hunted down and killed the way the way I kill? The buck, yes, it was dead the instant I shot. That's okay with me - if you're going to shoot me, please, head or chest and I'm fine with that. Don't gut shoot me and leave me out there to die.

The doe.... ah, shit, embarrassing and tragic. My first shot was a lung shot, probably about 175-200 yards, left her looking at me, heaving. I was worried she'd run off and take some time to die, and we wouldn't find her, so I shot her again, taking out her front shoulder on one side and tearing out the rest of the lungs, leaving her to push herself around on the ground. 

When I got to her, she's looking at me, and still moving around a lot. I raise up, shoot again from only a few feet away. Instead of her neck, I hit her back. It's cold. Steam comes out of her back. I know. It sucks. I finally walk over and slit her throat. It's over. I pray to God that no one ever does that to me. It's the shittiest shooting I've done in years. 

Life ain't easy, and death is always hard to watch unless it's on TV. Real life, however, can suck a lot. If you thought this story was bad, my father in-law shot bambi's mom, and bambi kept coming back to find his mom, sometimes so close I thought about knifing the little shit. 

So much for grace. Meat is murder. 

 And then there's the Kansas game.

What a turd. I don't care if it's a win win win win win, it wasn't much to look at, and dammit, given we're Americans we need to be entertained. 

I've already seen comments about how we shouldn't feel bad about the game because we're 9-1, and we're in the top ten, and that's okay, because we're fans and we can do whatever the hell we want. But if that's how the Husker players feel, then you could look forward to an ass-kicking at Texas A&M, and not one in our favor. We'll all made fun of Mike Sherman and made comparisons to Bill Callahan, but that doesn't mean the Aggies won't own our ass. 

And that, as we learned from Kansas, would be less good than a win.  

Is there much to say about Kansas? No, not really. Our defense was amazing, Jared Crick is finally getting on track, and the back seven were amazing as usual. 87 yards of offense on KU's behalf. 

Nebraska's offense - well, the offensive line isn't that great. The Gillhawks stacked the box most of the time and didn't bother worrying about Martinez and the zone read. But, still, Husker linemen, if you want to make a name for yourself, then get past having to block two guys a play and just go do it, dammit ! 

It was clear that Taylor Martinez wasn't anywhere near 100%, but I suppose you have to get him out there to get more experience, get more reps and get better (maybe like I should do with my shooting, eh?). As JLew pointed out on the game thread, you don't really want Martinez going into College Station not having played for the past three games. 

Red zone performance was disappointing as once again this team played to the level of their competition. 

So... as you know, one of the longest series in college football history ends, just like that. We're done. They changed their fight song, we look forward to upsetting them in basketball season, and then there's baseball.... and then we're divorced. 

1892. That's when we first got married. I could make a list of things that didn't exist then, like cars, airplanes, running water in many states, penicillin, and the Internet (gasp!). That's a lot of history to leave behind, although i don't believe anyone from KU will complain a lot about the divorce given our record in the series. 

So, goodbye Kansas!