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Early Game Open Thread - Winter Arrives Just In Time

Can Georgia use the distraction that is Cam Newton to knock off the undefeated Auburn Tigers????
Can Georgia use the distraction that is Cam Newton to knock off the undefeated Auburn Tigers????

For the second week in a row, I leave my home to head South and never get to my destination, this time Lincoln. It wasn't so bad last night as long as it was raining. The wind was nasty, but the wind in Iowa is always nasty this time of year, further evidence as to how much Iowa sucks. When the temperature dropped to freezing, I80 became snowbound much faster than I expected. Winter has arrived.

Good thing you're not going to the Nebraska - Kansas game until tonight, after the sun has gone down and the wind chill drops. Hey, take some tips from a guy who's lived in Minnesota for over 20 years and has spent my share of time outside in the freezing cold for hours on end. Layers are your friend. Cotton is not.

Join us for some witty banter about today's games. I'll be heading west soon, but hope to be back in time for tonight's game thread. Whooohoooo!!!

TV Listings, lines, your buffet and rootability index are after the jump.

All times Central

11:00 Iowa at Northwestern
IA -10
11:00 Indiana at Wisconsin
WISC -21.5
11:00 South Florida at Louisville
UL -2.5
11:00 Michigan at Purdue
MICH -13
11:00 Ole Miss at Tennessee
TN -2.5
11:30 Kansas St. at Missouri
MU -13
1:30 Utah at Notre Dame
UT -5.5
2:30 Penn St. at Ohio St.MAP OSU -18
2:30 Texas Tech at OklahomaMAP OU -15
2:30 Virginia Tech at North CarolinaMAP UNC -3.5
2:30 Georgia at Auburn
AUB -6.5
2:30 Syracuse at Rutgers
SYR -2.5
3:00 San Diego St. at TCU
TCU -27
6:00 South Carolina at Florida
UF -6.5
6:00 Texas A&M at Baylor
A&M -3
UTEP at Arkansas
AR -28.5
6:15 Mississipi St. at Alabama
BAMA -13.5
6:30 Oregon at California
ORE -19.5
7:00 USC at ArizonaMAP
AZ -4.5
7:00 Clemson at Florida StateMAP
FSU -5.5
7:00 Oklahoma St. at TexasMAP
OSU -5.5
7:00 Tulsa at Houston
UH -2.5
9:30 Nevada at Fresno St.
NEV -8

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