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Week 11 College Football Predictions

As the weather turns towards winter, we still have three more weeks in the regular season. Some teams wish it were already over; others may have already thrown in the towel.  Heck some of  us didn't even bother to participate in this week's predictions.

But onward we go...

Iowa State (-2) at Colorado

Mike:  I get the feeling that the Buffies might actually feel a bit of relief that Dan Hawkins is gone. But let’s be honest, while Hawkins is gone, offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau still is there...meaning that while the Square Peg/Round Hole offensive scheme lives on.  Cyclones 28, Buffies 13
Jon:  Iowa State has a chance to become bowl-eligible. Even though they’ve struggled at Boulder over the years, I think they do it because they’re happy with Paul Rhoads and he is happy to be with them. Such things make a powerful force.
Iowa State 21 Colorado 17

Texas A&M (-3) at Baylor

Mike:  Two months ago, people would have asked why A&M was only a 3 point favorite in this game.  Two weeks ago, people would have asked why A&M was even favored in this game. This one is a screaming let-down game for A&M, while Baylor wants to refocus after last week.  Bears 35, Aggies 27
Jon:  I don't know - seems to me that maybe the switch from Jerrod Johnson to Ryan Tannehill is going to turn things around for the Aggies. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Aggies 31  Bears 24

Oklahoma State (-6.5) at Texas

Mike:  Another point spread that nobody would have believed two months ago. The Longhorns continue their season of suckage.  Oklahoma State 42, Cows 13
Jon: Hey, if Texas wins this game, they’re only one game away from bowl eligibility! HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!  Oh, hell, you’d think that at this point Texas would play for some pride, but I’m not sure they even have that in them. The ‘Horns defense could be very disruptive in this one, but they show no signs of life. The ‘Horns offense - well - that’s why. If Husker fans really want to meet Oklahoma in the last Big 12 Championship game, we’re going to have to root for Texas. Like that’ll make a difference.
Okie State 34 Texas 21

Iowa (-12) at Northwestern

Mike:  This is the best Big Ten game this week?  Yeesh.  Northwestern had the second worst flameout of last weekend’s games.  But Iowegia’s a much better team.  Squawkeyes 27, NWU 13
Jon:  This has become quite a game over the past five years, with Iowa winning only one of the last five. I don't see that happening this year, though. Iowa has too much defense.  Hawks 24  NU (might as well get used to it) 21

Texas Tech (+16) at Oklahoma

Mike:  Oklahoma plays much better at home, and they usually follow a bad game with a really good game.  Sooners 38, Raiders 17
Jon: Typical road game for Tech, especially in Norman where they always lose. Oklahoma 35 Texas Tech 21

Kansas State (+13) at Missouri

Mike:  Which Missouri arrives for this one?  The one that throttled the Sooners?  Or the one that got lost after changing sides of the field at the end of the first quarter in Lubbock?  Missouri 28, Kansas State 17
Jon:  Lubbock does weird things to people. This game is at home, and Missouri will get back on track. Missouri 31 Kansas State 17

Penn State (+17.5) at Ohio State

Mike:  JoePa doesn’t get 401.  Buckeyes 24, Nittanies 7
Jon: Penn State and Ohio State have had some pretty good games as of late, but this won’t be one of them. Maybe if it were at Happy Valley, the score would be closer. Ohio State has a defense - Penn State’s last three opponents did not. Buckeyes 28 Nittany Lions 10

Kansas (+34.5) at Nebraska

Mike:  Kansas can’t stop the run.  That’s all you need to know.  Nebraska 45, Kansas 7

Jon: Wow, nearly a 35-point spread? I hope for Gill’s sake that we don’t hit 60.
Nebraska 49 Kansas 10