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Nebraska vs Kansas: Pay Per View Again? Really?

Just when you thought you'd seen the last Nebraska pay-per-view game, here comes Kansas, which will be on pay-per-view again because the powers that be decided that the game weren't worth showing within the confines of the Big 12 contract.

It's a routine that Husker fans should be accustomed to by now. It'll work the same way as the others, except that they've dropped the price to $29.95 on this one! Whoooohooooo! Apparently the idea that everyone was paying an extra $10 for HD when it didn't show up in HD finally set in. How 'bout that!

It's still $39.95 because it's supposed to be in HD, and we all know how well that works.


It's understandable the game has moved to pay per view, given the match ups this weekend:

- Missouri vs Kansas State

- Colorado vs Iowa State

- Oklahoma vs Texas Tech

- Baylor vs Texas A&M

- Nebraska vs Kansas

- Texas vs Oklahoma State

Looks like a pretty good set of games... with the exception of the last two. The only reason anyone would want to see Oklahoma State vs Texas is to watch the Longhorns look more hapless than they did last week against Kansas State. Funny, last week the Wildcats crushed them without throwing the ball. Maybe this week Texas will get killed without Oklahoma State running it. So many ways to die, Longhorns! Whooooheeeeee!

I have no idea where I'll be Saturday. Current plan is to hop into the car and head South (again), heading back to western Nebraska for firearm deer season. I may stop in Lincoln. I may go to the game. I may head out west, where I'm not sure if they'll be buying the game. All I know is, I got a car, I got a Visa card, and I got a .270 Remington 700. All work for me.

How 'bout you? You buying the game this weekend, or what are your plans?