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Nebraska's Courtney Osborne's Hit on Blaine Gabbert - A Shot Sequence

My last article was a series of individual shots of game action of Nebraska's last game against Missouri as fellow members of the Big 12 conference. 

After the jump is a four-shot sequence of Courtney Osborne's hit on Blaine Gabbert as provided by Dennis Hubbard, a play that has created a fair amount of controversy. 

- Did the officials miss the call that it was a fumble? From these shots, it appears pretty clear that the ball was out. 

- Missouri's Gary Pinkel has asked the Big 12 office to review Courtney Osborne's hit, to see if it's legal (the obvious implication that another Husker player should be suspended). 

This looks like just a half-step late from the moment of impact, but what's key here is this - 
Osborne's head is way up, while Gabbert is reeling backward due to impact. Do you really think had Osborne had his head down that the two players would be in this position? 

And the ball is out.