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Nebraska vs Missouri In Photos

Once again, from professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, photos from the Missouri game. Three photos for Roy Helu Jr - I guess when you get picked as the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week, set your school's single-game rushing record, and beat a top ten team, you can have... three photos. Ha! 

Oh, one thing on the fans chanting "Hey-Lou" instead of the real pronunciation, which is "Hel-Lou". We didn't get his name wrong - you try starting a chant and getting it going. "Hey-Lou" was simply more pronounced, had more inflect than his real name.

Besides that, why doesn't he have a nickname? 

Roy Helu - Oh, look, there's a Missouri guy chasing him..... 
Taylor Martinez - he's okay. Man, does he look weird when he throws, eh? 
Jared Crick - lots of pressure up front this weekend. 
Another Missouri guy chasing Roy Helu. Imagine that. 
Prince Amukamara - ready to kick your ass. 
I am really not sure what to say here other than maybe Missouri lost because they were distracted. How many of those out of bound throws by Blaine Gabbert were in her direction? 
Lavonte David
Roy Helu again - this time with no Missouri guy behind him, only Martinez. Maybe they got tired. 
Courtney Osborne - the guy who put the smash on Gabbert!