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College Football Ranking: BlogPoll Top 25 Week 10 Draft Ballot - Auburn

This was a unique weekend for me in that I actually attended the Missouri - Nebraska game instead of watching every game that I possibly could on the telly. The whole family went and attended the "Red Letter Day" on Friday - a special day for Nebraska recruits of the student variety. Everyone ended up with tickets, believe it or not, and it was a helluva game, wasn't it? (More on this later). 

I did get the chance to watch some later games, particularly the Oregon - USC game. There was nothing that happened to change my mind about the Ducks being the #1 team in the nation, and while it was in Nebraska's best interest for the Ducks to lose, I really couldn't root for USC. It's a Kiffin thing. 

Is anyone going to beat Auburn this season? Alabama in the Iron Bowl, maybe? I really hate ranking Auburn #2 - I'm still not sure why I hate them. Maybe it's Gene Chizik. Maybe I just don't like the state of Alabama. 

I'm lost as to #15-25, so feedback there is welcome. Well, feedback across the board is required, so that's redundant. 

There is one thing I'm very happy with, though, and that's the level of content and activity we're generating. More on that later as well.