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College Football Saturday!!!! - Opponent Watch Open Thread

Welcome to your game day open thread - please join us for comments and conversation watching everybody else play football today.  

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Game, TV listings, and odds are after the jump. I'll be around most of the day.... except when I'm attending more soccer games.... 

I'll have TV listings up as soon as I finish HMTL. 

All Times Central

Saturday, October 9th

Game Network Coverage Notes Time
Indiana at Ohio St. 11am
Illinois at Penn St. 11am
Texas Tech vs. Baylor
(at Fair Park, TX)
 FSN List 11am
Central Michigan at Virginia Tech   11am
Minnesota at Wisconsin   11am
Tennessee at Georgia

Alabama at South Carolina 2:30pm
Pittsburgh at Notre Dame 2:30pm
Michigan St. at Michigan
ABC Coverage Map
ESPN Coverage Map
Clemson at North Carolina
ABC Coverage Map
ESPN Coverage Map
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M
(at Arlington, TX)

ABC Coverage Map
UCLA at California  FSN List 2:30pm
Oregon at Washington St. 4pm
Colorado at Missouri  FSN List 6pm
Oregon St. at Arizona   6pm
Utah at Iowa St. 6pm
LSU at Florida 6:30pm
Purdue at Northwestern   6:30pm
USC at Stanford
ABC Coverage Map
Florida St. at Miami (FL)
ABC Coverage Map
Arizona St. at Washington 9pm