8500 Mile Husker Trip (via JSiminoe)

I actually had no idea how far it really was from Bangkok to Lincoln, it just always seem very far, so like all mysteries of life I googled it. 8,514 miles was my answer. Good God that is a long ways. I truly beleive I am the furthers reaching HUSKER FAN because if I slide any further East I would be getting closer, if you know what I mean. So who out there has traveled further for a game than I am traveling? Hit me back with your travel and your distance. It is a big planet, but I have got to be in the running for the furthest trip.

So today my wife NAN and I are leaving our home in Bangkok and coming back to my childhood home. I'm looking forward to being in America, but the journey is something to truly dread. It is grueling. We begin with a 6 hour flight to Japan where we catch a 12 hour flight to Minnesota, before boarding a quick 1 hour flight to Omaha. So actually we will be in the air for 19 hours and waiting in airports for another 5. It is a 24 spirit crushing journey into bad air, bad food, cramped spaces, blue goo splashing toilets, and shaky screened movies I've already seen. But when I emerge from that plane in Omaha I will be home!

So since this is a nostalgic journey for me I'd like to ask everyone else. What were some of your favorite moments as a Husker fan. I'll start the ball rolling with this one. When Touch Down Tommy lead us against Florida State and we took the lead late in that game I came to realize, win or lose, we had a leader who was going to bring us wins and championships. Of course we lost that game, by a last second field goal, but Tommy was our man and he went on to prove me right. 2 national championships and a string of seasons that have yet to be beaten. Now, I bring this up in the wake of T-Magics record breaking performance against the K-State Kitties because watching this game really made me feel as if I was watching the spirit of Touch Down Tommy pulsating through our freshman lightening bolt.

Win lose or (we play over time now so there is no draw) but I feel a sense of MID-90's MAGIC coming on!

Distance between Lincoln, Nebraska, United States and Bangkok, Thailand, as the crow flies:

8514 miles (13702 km) (7399 nautical miles)

Initial heading from Lincoln to Bangkok:
north-northwest (340.1 degrees)
Initial heading from Bangkok to Lincoln:
north-northeast (15.4 degrees)

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