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Corn Flakes: 78-15-2

This hearby ends the KSU/NU series for the foreseeable future at 78-15-2.

Experience the beat down from various angles. Or head to ESPN and watch it all over again!

Headlinin': The spread age, when mobile QBs ruled the earth - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports


(HD) Taylor Martinez (Nebraska) vs. Kansas St. (10.7.10) (via rusty98umvids)

Chatelain: A glimpse inside the lion's den -

Hunt. This is not a task I would entrust to Frank Solich or Bill Callahan or most other coaches in America. This task is perfect for Pelini. Some guys cower under duress, some guys lurch out of the thicket and fight. Pelini fights. His teams play better with an edge. They play better when lonely. Why else do they play better on the road than in Lincoln?

You know I have more after the jump.

Better Off Red | "We Haven’t Shown a Lot Yet"

And what happens when NU goes "full power"?

Nebraska romps past K-State 48-13 -

"When I looked up, he was already 50 yards down the field," K-State cornerback David Garrett said. "I went to the sideline and tried to figure out what was going on and what they were doing so we could do something to stop it. It just happened so fast." CFN Analysis - Nebraska 48, Kansas State 13

Yep, do it again and beat Texas.

Notebook: NU offense improves execution of running game

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Kansas State Wildcats - Recap - October 07, 2010 - ESPN

Who wants to keep playing a team that always beats you silly?

Husker defense has all the pieces

Report Card: Nebraska vs. Kansas State

Honor Roll for this game.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Huskers Make A Statement In Manhattan

Taylor Martinez caught the attention of the nation tonight with his arm and with his legs, rushing 15 times for a position-record 241 yards and four touchdowns.  Add in a 5 for 7 performance with his arm, and the whole "Martinez for Heisman" campaign got right back up in the saddle.

Don't do it.  Yet.

Yeah but isn't exciting to have a player in the discussion? -JL

Instant analysis: Nebraska 48, K-State 13 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

A running quarterback at Nebraska; what a concept -

Martinez making Huskers see, believe - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

And a few things left in the bin:

Final conference matchup fueled by Kansas State hatred - Daily Nebraskan - Sports

Perhaps nothing illustrates the Wildcats' disdain for Nebraska better than this week's university-wide moratorium on red clothing. After K-State coach Bill Snyder banned red garb in the football complex, students created a "No Red Allowed" Facebook group that unofficially expanded the edict to the entire campus and had more than 7,000 members as of Wednesday.

And the rest of the Big 12 will follow suit..... at least, I'm guessing they will, because it's a pretty good idea. Personally, I hate purple. Unfortunately, my kids' high school main color is purple. I have one purple shirt. I never wear it, unless they force me by hiding all the rest of my shirts. Sometimes they do that. Damn kids. - JJ

Well wishes from a Wildcat

We are not bitter towards Nebraska. We just happen to despise you, your classless coach, your money-grubbing chancellor and your obnoxious fans.

The rest of the article is much better, mostly because it's civil. Let's try to stay that way, eh?

Adios Red, you may regret it |

The slogan Nebraska chose for the 2010 football season at least one it emblazoned to a poster featuring Bo Pelini; reads "This Season We Finish." Multiple meanings exist, of course.

Kansas and Kansas State are close, easy to travel to wins, and Big Ten teams are so far away. Not a bad article, but we get that already. - JJ