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2010 College Football Predictions - Week Six!

Week Six, already???? Wow, how time flies. 

A decent set of games this weekend, of course, starting the week is our beloved Huskers against the (somewhat) hated Kansas State Wildcats. We're picking Big 12 and Big Ten games of interest for the rest of the season. 

Be sure to include your predictions! 

Utah (-7.5) at Iowa State

Mr. Corn:  I'm not ready to jump on the Cyclone wagon just yet, although this is a winnable game if they play like they did last weekend. And that's the problem with Arnaud..consistency. So I think the Ute's win this one. Utah - 32  ISU - 7

Jon: This is one of those bleak games. Utah is going to get into Jack Trice Stadium and spend the first quarter looking around and wondering how people can live in a place as bleak as Ames. After they've swallowed the scenery (or lack of, relative to Utah), they'll start playing. Three quarters of Utah beats four quarters of Iowa State because unlike Texas Tech, Utah has a defense. Utah 31  Iowa State 13

Matt: After putting up 52 against a "not as good as we thought" Texas Tech squad, the ‘Clones will be brought back down to earth in this one.  The Utes won't have much trouble against Iowa States D.  Though it may not seem like Iowa State is a statement game for any team, for Utah it's one of those few marks on the schedule against an AQ school so expect them to be jacked up. Utah   40    Iowa State  21

Mike: Do I like Paul Rhodes? Yes. Was I impressed by Iowa State's victory over Texas Tech? Yes. Do I think that the Cyclones have a chance against the Utes? Not really...though I didn't think they had a chance against Tech either.  With that disclaimer, Utes 34 Cyclones 21

Arkansas (-8) vs Texas A&M (at Jerry World)

Mr. Corn: I really thought Arkansas has looked like a great team, despite being called one-dimensional. Texas A+M on the same side of the token, hasn't proved anything yet in my opinion. Piglets - 42  Aggies - 21

Jon: Think quarterbacks! Ryan Mallet has 10 TDs, 5 INTs. Jerrod Johnson - 12 TDs, 8 INTs. Doesn't that uneven, right? Then consider three of Mallet's INTs came against Alabama, while all eight of Johnson's came against Florida International and Oklahoma State - not exactly defensive stalwarts. Until that's corrected, the Aggies get nowhere. Razorbacks 34, Aggies 20

Matt:  Arkansas will do as they please with this awful Aggie D.  Jerrod Johnson and the boys will muster up some offense but to no avail. Pig Sooey  45    Aggies   28

Mike: Last year, Arkansas exposed A&M at Jerry World. I see no reason to expect anything different.  Piggies 52 Aggies 17

Colorado (+13) at Missouri

Mr. Corn: Finally, Big 12 action! I'm not sure why, but I have a weird feeling that Mizzou is going to play soft and get behind early. A few gag-worthy teams, but I'll take CU in an upset. Buffs - 28   Tigers - 24

Jon: Missouri's offensive, with Blaine Gabbert and T.J. Moe, can be explosive, while Carl Gettis keeps the Buffs from getting any big plays. Tigers take this one.  Missouri 35, Colorado 20

Matt:  I agree with Mr. Corn that the Buffs will get ahead early.  I just think Mizzou has enough weapons to come back and sneak by Colorado. Tiger   28    Buffs   24

Mike: Colorado's best chance against the Tigers is to park an entire semi of Coors outside the team hotel on Friday night, considering the affinity of the Tigers' roster for adult beverages.  But even though Aldon Smith is out of this game, Dan Hawkins is more like Junior Justice than the Bandit. Tiggers 35, Puffs 10

Texas Tech (-1.5) vs Baylor (at the Cotton Bowl)

Mr. Corn: Well we don't know much about these teams do we? One was blown out unexpectedly, and the other blew someone out unexpectedly. So, let's flip the rusty nickel! Raiders - 38  Baylor - 30

Jon: I've always liked Tech for some reason, but I really want to see their reaction when they lose to Iowa State AND Baylor to start the Big 12.  Baylor 35, Texas Tech 28

Matt:  Something tells me the loss at Iowa State was a fluke.  But something also tells me the dismantling of the Jayhawks was not.  I like Robert Griffin and the Bears in this one. Baylor   30   Tech   27

Mike: Wait a minute guys... we're still talking about Baylor and Texas Tech here. Tech 35, Bears 24

Michigan State (+5) at Michigan

Mr. Corn: I've been waiting for this one. I've said that MSU is under-rated all season so far, and here is where they prove not only that fact, but that Michigan doesn't deserve to be ranked that high based on a school name and a guy who doesn't tie his shoes. MSU - 32  Rodents - 17

Jon: It's for the Paul Bunyan Trophy (We have to start learning these things, right?) The last time Sparty started a season 6-0? 1999... and 2010. Whoever wins the ground game wins this game. I have to believe Michigan State will slug it out on the ground, shortening the game and keeping Denard Robinson off the field. Sparty hasn't has a three-game wining streak over the Wolverines since 1965-1967.  Michigan State 38, Michigan 31

Matt:  Denard Robinson will get his yards.  I just see Sparty draining the clock with their balanced offense and keeping him off the field just enough to seal off the victory and remain unbeaten. Sparty   45    Michigan  35

Mike: Who gets to determine what trophies we'll be playing for? Like Matt, I think Robinson gets his numbers, but the lack of defense will be the end of the Weasels.  Sparty 38, Weasels 27

Purdue (+10) at Northwestern

Mr. Corn: Is Northwestern any good? So far, yes. The Boilermakers are looking down the barrel of a losing season, and with this being a home game for NW....they have no shot here. Peeyeww - 7   Northwestern - 27

Jon: Northwestern's Dan Persa has a completion rate of 79.4 percent this season. That leads all Division I (FBS and FCS) quarterbacks. The last time the Wildcats started a season 6-0? 1962.. and 2010.  Northwestern 33, Purdue 21

Matt:  Northwestern's Dan Persa is the best quarterback you've never heard of.  Purdue is missing their starter now.  Wildcats continue streak in a rout. Wildcats  38    Boilermakers   10

Mike: This has all the anticipation of a Baylor vs. Kansas game.  Not NU 28, Phew 7

Illinois (+8) at Penn State

Mr. Corn: This is a tough one. PSU got trounced by Iowa, and the Illini hung around with the Buckeyes. But still, I don't think that Illinois can play that well two weeks straight. It'll be a squeeker. Illini - 14  Pennsylvania State - 17

Jon: Happy Valley must be worth at least five points, because this game could end up being 9-0 and the Nitts would cover. Joe, where's the offense? Oh, well. Penn State 9, Illinois 0

Matt:  Definitely one of the worst games to watch this weekend.  I agree with my counterparts....this will be a defensive struggle throughout. Joe Pa   12     Illini  9

Mike: Yes, this may be a Big Ten game, but somebody is going to score here.  JoePa 24, Zooker 7

Nebraska (-11.5) at Kansas State

Mr. Corn: Well, I'm going to say that with basically the North driver seat hanging in the balance, Bo gets the team ready. Not to disrespect Daniel Thomas, but I'm thinking the Blackshirts have a few wrinkles for him, and they will easily score enough on the offensive side. It's a ho-hum win for the good guys. Huskers - 32  Cats - 17

Jon: Nebraska wins this one using big plays through the air, and consistent running from Roy Helu and Rex Burkhead. Kansas State's offense can't keep the chains moving on the ground all the time, but when they go to the air, it's a turnover. Nebraska 30, Kansas State 13

Matt:  It's been far too long since we've seen the Huskers on the field.  You better believe in that time Bo has made a few....corrections for lack of a better term.  Daniel Thomas is good, just not against good defenses.  The Blackshirts will be out to make a statement in a nationally televised game.  This is a statement game of the biggest measure with all of the nation skeptical of Nebraska.  We will validate the No. 6 ranking and handle K State. Nebraska   27     Kansas State 13

Mike: Daniel Thomas is going to get his yards.  He's legit.  But Kansas State can't stop the run.  Uh oh.  Huskers 42 Wildcats 10