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Big 12 Flashbax Series: Kansas State

Why didn't anyone ever tell me my ass was so big!
Why didn't anyone ever tell me my ass was so big!

As the first game of the Big 12 farewell tour nears, we at CN thought about trying something fun here over the next several weeks. Leading up to each final game, a post will go up to allow our (and others) fans to take a look back at some of the best/most memorable football games between the two teams in the series. Opposing fans, feel free to comment, but just remember it's about sharing your experiences with those who maybe didn't see it.

We'll just keep it to the Big 12 era, no need to think back to the days of black and white televisions and huddling around radios. So yeah, basically any games between 1994 and 2009. (We did a more historic Big 8/Big 6 farewell post back in late spring). We'll try to throw one or two classic games up to start, but I'm sure we'll miss a few, so feel free to jump on and add your own.

Oh, and don't forget the players. Let's hear about your most respected/feared opponent for each team, as well as the one you couldn't stomach for the life of ya. ( ie: Booger Daniels)

Go ahead and jump!

So here we go, installment numero uno. Kansas State University.

I  remember only one B12 game against KSU that really made a mark, so please share some others!

 11/14/98: Nebraska at Kansas State

Let's call this the "The Excorcist Game", as the video below suggests.

Michael Bishop under Bill Snyder. I hated both those guys, and this game is probably why. Until then, Nebraska had literally owned the Cats - winning 29 straight until 1997. Some dubbed the hard hitting game a 15 round prize fight, and featured names like Eric Crouch, Martin Gramatica, Correl Buckhalter, and Ralph Brown. Nebraska was coming in as a rare underdog ranked #11 in the country. KSU on the other hand was riding high, ranked #1 and undefeated.

Long story short....Nebraska got beat, and KSU excorcised the demons of Husker domination. A young Eric Crouch played hard, but coughed up the ball with 15 seconds left to seal the deal. One of those games where stuff happens (Kris Brown missing an extra point)  that just gives you that feeling like things just ain't gonna end up nicely. Sure, Crouch made the gaff...but if there's one game changing moment that I won't ever forget from this game, it was the Excorcist style "no call" from the officials. All that was missing was the green barf, as I'm sure Husker fans took care of the expletive filled tirades. See below: (try to ignore the amateur editing job. It's just bad!)...


So yeah, I was 22 years old, unemployed and lit up pretty good that afternoon. I remember trying to score with a nice little lifeguard from Omaha, and a lot of yelling, before that second half where shit got real and the Cats made their comeback. Sobered me up real good, that game (and the girl). 

This game could be looked at as a trend-setter...after this, we'd start to see more Big 12 doormats get their signature win over Nebraska. Keith Jackson even signed off from what he called "the happiest place in the world, Manhattan, KS!"  Yuck. One of the classics though. Any other KSU games that come to mind? Post em!

Oh, and my love/hate players? They happen to be one in the same. Michael Bishop. That bastard...