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Cob Of the Week: Kansas and Turner Gill, Tennessee-LSU, Colorado fans Rush The Field While Florida Abandons All Hope

Lots of fun, bad stuff happened this past weekend. Here's your chance to vote for the worst of it.

Kansas gave up 678 yards and 55 points to Baylor. Yeah, Robert Griffin III isn't your typical Baylor quarterback...but still, it's Baylor. Turner, we love you, but man, that's not good. In fact, that's cob award material.

It's confusing about who to nominate between Les Miles and Derek Dooley for the circus at the end of the Tennessee-LSU game. Just in case you were out grilling instead of watching football (you heathen), here's what happened. LSU was stopped with 28 seconds left at the two-yard line. Instead of spiking the ball, the clock runs as Les Miles subs players. With about three seconds left, LSU flubs the snap and loses six yards. The clock expires. Tennessee celebrates, for a minute until they discover they're being penalized for 13 men on the field. LSU scores with no time remaining. You realize in Les Miles world, though, this is the way it was intended?

Congratulations to Colorado for their win over Georgia, raising their record to a decent 3-1, while dropping the Bulldogs to 1-4. Colorado fans rushed the field after their victory, as shown in our opening photo. Question - are expectations so low that Colorado fans will rush the field after every home victory, even one over a four loss team, or did someone yell "Free Bags of Dope At Midfield!!!!" just after the whistle sounded?

You've just seen Florida without Tim Tebow. Or maybe not. I know I didn't bother watching it beyond the middle of the second quarter because it wasn't worth watching. One team put on a clinic. The other team's fan are bailing on them, just like I did. Oh, you Florida Gators. So easy to root for when winning. So easy to abandon when you get smashed.

In case you're wondering why Texas isn't listed, it's because while Texas did lose, they nearly fought their way back into the game at the end. Landry Jones came close to getting a nomination with a late fumble when Oklahoma was trying to run out the game. Jones barely swatted the ball out of bounds, disaster averted.