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Looking Down The Road

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Nebraska has come up with two fantastic wins in consecutive weeks knocking off two previously unbeaten teams in Mizzou and Oklahoma State.  The most encouraging part is that they came in complete opposite fashion.  The Oklahoma State game was won with a high octane passing show from Taylor Martinez, while the Missouri game was more vintage Nebraska with Roy Helu Jr. racking up yards on the ground accompanied with a stifiling Blackshirts defense.  But what do these wins mean for the rest of the season?

Well let's take a look at what Nebraska faces down the road: at Iowa State, Kansas, at Texas A&M,  Colorado.  Now I'm no psychic by any means but it is conceivable to think the Huskers can run the table with what's left.  Scarily enough, next weekend's matchup with the Cyclones is most likely the toughest.  Now let's look at the rest of the top teams in the nation and compare.

Auburn:  Chattanooga, Georgia, at Alabama.  Georgia has been playing much better as of late and Alabama will obviously be quite the test, espcially on the road.

Oregon:  Washington, at Cal, Arizona, at Oregon State.  While it's no gauntlet, it is a tough stretch of games and the away game at Cal is a sleeper.

Boise State: Hawaii, at Idaho, Fresno State, at Nevada, Utah State.  Not much.  All teams could pose threats but it doesn't look like the Broncos are going to fall this season. Darn.

Alabama:  at LSU, Miss. State, Georgia State, Auburn.   LSU and Auburn could make it interesting.

TCU: at Utah, San Diego State, at New Mexico. 

Utah: TCU, at Notre Dame, at San Diego State, BYU.  Notre Dame has potential but TCU seems to be the main hiccup in this bunch.

So when looking at these future schedule Husker fans should be pretty encouraged.  While it's a long shot for the national title....there's still hope.  Nebraska could surprise some and move relatively high in the BCS rankings today.  They are No. 10 in the coaches poll and have the possibility of moving up a heap in the computer polls considering they knocked of Missouri (ranked No. 2 by the computer as of last week). 

All I'm saying Husker fans is there's a chance.  Keep your T.V.'s tuned in every Saturday and hope for chaos.  When's the last time you've had the "that" this late in the season?  Keep the faith and enjoy.