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Early Morning Open Thread

Here's how this is going to work today. I'm not here, I'm in Lincoln, sometimes wandering aimlessly, looking for a place to go before the game.If you're in Lincoln, and would like me to stop by to see you, but not bring Will Ferrell, then send me email - cornation at

At 2:00 pm, the Missouri game thread will open up, and after that, at 6:00pm, the postgame thread will open as well.

TV Listings are after the jump

All times Central


Miami at Virginia MIA -15
11:00 Purdue at Illinois ILL -17
11:00 Syracuse at Cincinnati PICK
11:00 Northwestern at Indiana NW -3.5
11:00 Oklahoma St. at Kansas St. OSU -4.5
1:30 Tulsa at Notre Dame ND -8.5
2:30 Missouri at Nebraska (MAP) NEB -7.5
2:30 Michigan St. at Iowa (MAP) IA -6.5
2:30 Arizona at UCLA AZ -9.5
Florida vs Georgia
at Jacksonville
UGA -2
2:30 Duke at Navy NAVY -13.5
2:30 Wake Forest at Maryland MD -5.5
5:00 Auburn at Ole Miss AUB -7
6:00 Stanford at Washington STAN -7.5
6:00 Baylor at Texas TX -7.5
6:00 Kentucky at Mississippi St. MSU -6
6:30 Utah at Air Force UT -7
7:00 Ohio St. at Minnesota (MAP) OSU -25.5
7:00 Oregon at USC (MAP) ORE -6.5
8:00 Michigan at Penn St. MICH -3
8:15 Colorado at Oklahoma
OU -23.5
10:00 TCU at UNLV TCU -35


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