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2010 College Football Ranking: Blogpoll Week 6 Draft - Oregon Moves To #2, Goodbye Texas

Big Moves: 

Moving Oregon up to #2. Being down 21-3 against Stanford, then coming back to beat them 52-31 shows a team that won't quit, and a coach that will pull out all the stops to win. Everyone on Oregon's team is fast, probably even the equipment managers. 

I moved Michigan State up quite a bit, mostly because I think I'd previously ranked them too low before. I never know what to think of Michigan State, but if they can continue to win without a head coach, you have to be impressed. 

Florida drops like a rock because their offense can't touch their hands to their own ass successfully. Will Florida end the season ranked? 

Regarding Texas, here's what I said when I released my Blogpoll Preseason Top 10, all the way back on August 13th: 

 The coaches ranked Texas #4. What the hell they're smoking I have no idea. They ranked Texas above Oklahoma. Get that? Texas lost their top offensive players (Colt McCoy andJordan Shipley) and has to establish a running game to win against Oklahoma who returns a starter at quarterback (Landry Jones), the Big 12's (arguably) best running back (DeMarco Murray) and wide receiver (Ryan Broyles) set. Again, what were they thinking? Or are they just filling things out because Mack Brown is more likable than Bob Stoops? 

One week later, I released my initial full Blogpoll ballot, ranking Texas eighth because of the feedback I received regarding my Top 10, one of those critiques being: 

 Can you point to any credible pre-season poll that does not have Texas as a Top 10 team? 

My point? If there's something I've learned in over 20 years of marriage, it's that when you're right, really right, you should point it out - don't beat people over the head with it, but hey, I had the right call on Texas, eh?