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College Football Week 9 Predictions

Can you believe that we're about ready to turn the calendar to the last full month of the college football season? My how the time has passed.  Another week of some less-than-scintillating matchups.  Can you believe that Oklahoma versus Colorado warrants a ESPN2 matchup?  Me we're keeping that one off our board this weekend.

Michigan State (+6.5) at Iowa

Matt: Sparty falls!  After dodging a bullet at Northwestern the might Spartans luck finally runs out as Iowa hands them their first loss of the year. Iowa     30       Spartans   28
Jon:  Auugh!  Don't make me do this!  Need beer!  Spartans Π Iowegia δτχ
Mike: I think Michigan State is a team on a mission this season, and Iowa, well, a little overrated. Spartans 31, Squawks 21

Oklahoma State (-6) at Kansas State

Matt:  Oklahoma States offense is the real deal.  They took a Blackshirt defense and exposed it through the air and ground.  Even without Justin Blackmon I expect the Cowboys to roll over the Wildcats. Cowboys    49      K State    28
Jon: The Wildcats had a hard time defending against Nebraska because of offensive speed. They’ll try to slow this game down, but they won’t be successful. Loss of Blackmon will cut down on scoring some, but not that much. Cowboys 38  Wildcats 20
Mike: Even without Blackmon, I still think Kansas State can’t slow down the Cowboys. This one should be another high scoring game.  Cowboys 45, Wildcats 28

Baylor (+7.5) at Texas

Matt:  Is it possible?  Could Texas lose another game at home?  Yes, it is very possible but at some point you have to think Mack Brown can fire up the troops after being getting worked by the Cyclones last week. Horns     28       Baylor    24
Jon: Things are bad in Austin. I know you’re weeping inside, aren’t you? If it bothered you because you thought it made Nebraska look bad when Texas lost to Iowa State, please give that up because the ‘Horns are going to continue to lose a lot more games.  Baylor 27  Texas 17
Mike: This might be a make or break game for Texas. My instinct says that Texas is going to come out fighting mad, and Baylor might due for a letdown after reaching bowl eligility. If I’m wrong, things could implode.  Texas 31, Baylor 10

Texas Tech (+5.5) at Texas A&M

Matt:  A&M will use the use the 12th man to their advantage in this one, disrupting the passing attack of Tech. Aggies    38      Tech   35
Jon: Bitter rivals, but how do you predict a game between the two most dysfunctional teams in the Big 12? That it’s in College Station is the only advantage I can see here. Aggies 31  Red Raiders 27
Mike: Texas A&M finally won a televised game, while Tech pulled one out against the mighty Colorado Buffaloes. In this dysfunctional world of the Big XII, I’m going with another score that doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Tech 31, A&M 28

Michigan (-1.5) at Penn State

Matt:  Penn State has been awful this year, but so has Michigan when they finally started playing real teams.  Nittany Lions have the ability to slow down the Wolverine offense. Penn State   28       Michigan   24
Jon: Penn State’s offense can’t score, but Michigan’s defense can’t stop anyone. Vice Versa, Michigan’s offense can at least score. Michigan 31 Penn State 21
Mike: What Jon said.  Weasels 28, Nitties 17

Northwestern (-3) at Indiana

Matt:  Wildcats rebound. Northwestern    30      Indiana 29
Jon:  I see Northwestern taking it to Indiana with their efficiency in the passing game. Northwestern 27 Indiana 20
Mike: I just don’t see how Northwestern loses this one.  Northwestern 28, Indiana 17

Oregon (-7) at Southern Cal

Matt:  Biggest opportunity for Ducks to fall.  USC is close to being undefeated and has the offense to keep up with the Ducks....For three quarters. Ducks     56      USC  45
Jon:  I wonder how long it will be before USC gets sick of Monte Kiffin and his NFL defense that won’t work against college teams like Oregon? USC isn’t going to slow the Ducks down. Oregon 62     USC 27
Mike: Can the ABC Saturday Night Football jinx hit another #1 team?  Oh yeah, baby.  Southern Cal 35, Oregon 31

Missouri (+7) at Nebraska

Matt:  Mizzou comes into Lincoln undefeated an for some reason underdogs in Vegas.  Nebraska still has an outside shot at making some noise nationally, while the Tigers would solidify themselves in the national title race with a win.  I think the Huskers will come out with more emotion than the Tigers after last weeks win over Oklahoma and be able to squeak out of Memorial Stadium with a crucial win.  Both teams don’t have much trouble left on their schedules following this one. Huskers    27     Mizzou  20
Jon: Saying that this is a huge game is a massive understatement, ain’t it? It’s for the Big 12 North. If the Huskers lose this game, one has to wonder how many fans will stop paying attention to them for the season.  I don’t see the Huskers playing poorly at home for this one, but playing inspired football. It’ll be close, four quarters, and damn near kill everyone, but the Huskers will pull it out in the fourth quarter. Huskers 24, Tigers 21
Mike: I’m less concerned about the home streak as much as Nebraska hasn’t played well offensively against Missouri in 11 out of the last 12 quarters. Until last week, I thought Nebraska would win this one, and probably easily.  Now I’m not so sure.  Still, I’m going with Huskers 23, Tigers 20.

So now you've seen our blind guesses, what's your picks?